Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lone Star Number Seven - Don

Even though this was a secret project and I kept it all hidden from the kids all the years I was working on the ten Lone Star Quilts, Don did  know about it.  It would have been impossible to get this many quilts done without him seeing something going on - so I let him in on the secret - but I kept part of the secret from him.  He thought he was getting a blue quilt - and instead I made a green one for him - and he was  very pleased and surprised.

Piles of greens .  .  .


Star Points .  .  .

Top finished - without borders

With a border - bears and feathers 

Quilted and bound


Close up of Julie's machine quilting

Close up of the appliqued bears on the bottom border

Close up of corner quilting and feathers

Ben photo bombing - but that's ok - I love any chance to capture the grandsons on photos.  He's officially a third grader now.

Don with his quilt .  .  . he really was happier than this photo shows.

You can click HERE to read from the beginning, all about the Lone Star Quilt Project.  Or click "older posts" at the bottom of each quilt story to read back to the beginning and see the other 6 Lone Stars.  Next post - the grandsons' Lone Stars.

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