Friday, November 30, 2007

My Crafting overload

I sometimes get a bit carried away with my crafting - and I've found a great outlet for it. You can buy and sell all sorts of wonderful things there - currently I am listing my mesh bags. I made 22 of them in a couple days and decided I should sell a few to at least cover the cost of the materials. You can see them at
Piecefulafternoon at Etsy. The zipper bags make wonderful holiday gifts - fill them with make-up, trinkets or even gift cards - they do double duty as a gift container and a bag.

The bags are made of cotton fabric and a plastic mesh that allows you to see what is inside the bags. They close with nylon zippers and are very sturdy.

Wild Animals!!!

And starting today I'm having a sale - all items in my etsy shop are 10% off, and free shipping with 3 purchases. So come over and shop - no need to get dressed, shop in your jammies if you like, have a cup of tea and enjoy holiday shopping. I'll even wrap your gifts if you'd like.

Pansies are a favorite!!

For the music lover - comes in all 3 sizes

Here are some of the new zipper bags I've made, the large size is good for cosmetics, pencils and school supplies - the medium is good for treasures of all sorts (little girls love this size) or for a wallet and the smallest size is perfect for coins.

Do you love coffee? These coffee beans are for you.

Or how about snowmen - perfect for winter.

If you can't find my shop from the link - my seller ID is winddancer. Have fun - I know I had fun making these.

Friday, November 9, 2007


I started this Hawaiian quilt in 2001. It is the only UFO that I have, except for about 100 redwork squares, but they can't be called a UFO since I still don't have enough of them to make the quilt top that I want to make. Guess they are pre-UFOs.

This quilt was going to be a wedding gift, until I found out that the intended recipients didn't like this type of quilt, so I worked on it for a while, then put it away, since it didn't have a destination. A few months ago I got it out and put the blocks together and added a border and I've been deciding on what to put on the border - and I've finally got a plan. I am going to put jumping dolphins along each edge - and palm trees in each corner.

The whole quilt is done in reverse applique - needle turn. If I did regular applique the white seams would show up where they were turned under. I drew on the borders of jumping dolphins and as I was beginning the first dolphin I realized that the way I had drawn them, all the dolphins on three sides would be upside down - their heads pointing to the floor. That would really bug me, so I am in the process of redrawing the design so the dolphins are jumping up, towards the ceiling, when the quilt is on the bed. The top border will have them jumping towards the head of the bed - so all dolphins are right side up.

There is a thin line of white that will resemble a wave, so the border will be wavy and I'll bind it in that same wave. I love scalloped looking edges on a quilt.

It will take some time to get all those dolphins appliqued - but it will be very pretty when it is all finished.