Monday, September 8, 2008


It's been a long time since I posted - I've spent most of my time working on getting the photos back in my blog that blogger deleted and then said they couldn't do anything about. I still have tons to re-do - but I'll get to those later.

I got a delightful squishy in the mail the other day - from Messy Karen - and she is NOT messy - I can tell you that. She was giving away fabrics - we weren't even asked to pay postage, and I just loved the teddy bear holiday fabric she posted. I was lucky enough to be the first to ask for it - and so it came my way. Inside the package was another delightful package - all sweetly "stitched" together with embroidery cotton - tidy as can be (but I opened it before I took a picture) and in the package I found fabrics, floss, even a needle and instructions for making the cutest bookmarks.

The three pieces of fabric for bookmards are on the left, with the threads and the needle at the bottom - and of course the holiday teddies are on the right. I can't wait to make up the cute bookmarks - she even included the stiffener to put in the bookmarks so they would not be floppy - what a dear!!!! I love the dotted fabric, and the Halloween and the duckies - they are all delightful.

Every year I have a teddy bear christmas tree, in addition to our family tree, and I am thinking that this teddy fabric would be great to work up into some decorations for the tree, and for making some gift bags for gifts that go under that tree - oh so many ideas. Maybe a few bookmarks to hang on the teddy tree for friends to pluck off and take home with them. And some little "hats" for jars of jam that I give for gifts each year - and bags to put the home made bread I give, along with the jam. Thank you Thank you Karen - I love it all.

And now - to change gears a little bit - look who visited us the other morning.

We had taken our tea and toast out to the little grove of trees behind our house - and up the hill from our neighbor's yard comes this handsome fella. This is not a zoom photo - this is actually how close he came to me - after a bit I was a little concerned that he wanted some tea and toast - but he turned and walked off behind our house to find something else to look at.

That same morning I found these cute little mushrooms in the yard. I don't know that much about mushrooms so I didn't pick any - though a friend told me there were not poisonous ones in our area - I'd rather hear that from an authority I think - just in case. They certainly were cute.

A good day - for sure - with a little hand quilting in the grove after tea and toast.


Sharyn said...

Good to see you up and running again! Sharyn/KalamaQuilts

Dorothy said...

I love the photo of the deer. I can't believe he would come so close! I guess they are getting acclimatized to humans.

Granny Lyn said...

How amazing to have the buck so close, they are usually so skitterish! You must have a gentle nature to allow him to check you out without leaping away. What a wonderful visit with your tea and toast!