Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another fundraiser - notecards and other stuff

Many of you have responded to our first fundraiser - a donation quilt - to help with Don's open heart surgery co-pay (approximately $25,000.00) - Click HERE for our first fundraiser.

And here is our next adventure.

Have your heard of CafePress? It is a great site where you can make photo objects - calendars, buttons, t-shirts, etc, for your shop. Here is the link to my first CafePress Shop - Country Days.

So far I have notecards and postcards - different sizes and different amounts of the cards, mugs, coasters, aprons and much more - come on over and shop awhile. The profits from these sales will go right into the savings account for Don's medical expenses.

This is the print I'm using - three vintage quilts on washday - they make wonderful gifts or use them for yourself - you know you want some.

My second shop is Country Days 2 - featuring this photo of mountains near our home. They are called the Three Sisters and are magnificent, winter and summer.

The reason I have two shops right now is that CafePress won't let you put more than one of each item (one set of note cards, one set of post cards, etc) in your shop - so in order to use two photos I have to have two shops. The proceeds from both shops will go towards Don's open heart surgery fund. If there is something you would like to purchase with the photo of the three quilts on washday - or the mountains, and I don't have it listed - just ask and I'll have one made up just for you.

Thanks for shopping - here's the link again to Country Days. And Country Days 2 - And you can even shop in your jammies - what fun!! Order something for yourself while you are there - and don't forget Auntie's birthday - and cousin Joe - oh and the dog sitter - she'd just love the mountain note cards. Enjoy!!! And thanks again.


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Keeping you both in prayer and I'll be over to take a peek :0)

JoyceAnn said...

You all are in my thoughts and prayers , will check-out those notecards and postcards.

~ Many Blessings ~