Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another block finished

I had thought I would pick this block for our monthly challenge block in my small quilting group - but after fighting with the pattern for hours I give up. I did finish the block, but will pick another pattern. We decided on the blocks being 9 inches and it was hard to find a 9 inch Card Trick - and I'm not good at cutting down the measurements of a larger block.

I finally found one on - what a mistake - I should remember that is mostly a disaster waiting to happen - or perhaps it has already happened. The instructions were inaccurate to start with - and the direction for assembly were iffy at best. I had to recut some of the sections because they simply were too large - but finally I got it all done.

I love the block - hate the process. So I will keep this one - I love how it turned out with the different greens - and pick another block for our challenge next month when it is my turn to pick. But I do have two blocks for my green/white quilt now.

Next I will work on some friendship swap blocks - those are going to be a lot more fun!!!

What is your favorite block to make - and your least favorite?


luv2quilt2 said...

I made all the blocks for a Winning Hands quilt a few years back, but it wasn't made with triangles. Unfortunately, the background was black, and I had a very complicated sashing fabric. It was really hard on my eyes and has never been finished. I still keep it in a box where I see it each time I go to my sewing room, and intend to finish it sometime.

Crispy said...

The block came out very nice and like you said, now you have 2 towards your green & white quilt.

My absolutely favorite block is the LeMoyne Star, my least favorite is a rail fence...I just don't care much for rail fence quilts.


Pat said...

I'm going to try the card trick block from Quilter's Cache.....they usually have good directions and don't cause problems. Sorry you had such a struggle with this one, the end, it looks very nice.

Judy S. said...

Maybe that word "trick" is in there for a purpose? Yours sure looks great, even if it did give you some grief......

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I stand in amazment when people can sew just a bit-- then in awe when they produce quilts such as yours. Simply beautiful.

Much thanks on stopping by my blog w/ such a lovely comment.

Stop by any time.

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

*karendianne. said...

Dernit those difficult blocks! Sorry about that. I think this block can be really pretty though. I once saw an all green one that I absolutely feel in love with.

My favorite block? It changes with the tides but after my last quilt I ended up enjoying the Hourglass Block. I can't think of any I dislike at the moment but I'm sure after coffee something will come to mind.

Dena said...

I like your card trick block. The greens go well together.

I don't really have a favorite block, although I really like Jacob's Ladder and Weathervane. My least favorite would have to be snowball. Only because it's so plain.