Saturday, July 3, 2010

I got fabric - yes I did

What fun Friday was - tons of errands to take care of - and I got fabric. I almost went home after I was at the library - almost forgetting I wanted to go to the sale. And I'm glad I remembered.

Solids, 100% cotton - were on special for 1.99 a yard. It is a one day sale and last time they had it I got two pieces, thinking I'd go back later and get more. Wrong! The sale only lasts the one day and this time it was July 2. So I planned my day around it - and got there before it was all gone.

My favorite fabrics are 30s reproductions - and the solid colors are not always available - but this time I found this nice stack of 30s colors - fun fun!

And so as to not leave out the other colors - I bought some of them too.

This fabric washes and dries like a dream - it comes out so wonderfully firm, yet soft and is my favorite cotton to work with. Just a side note - I will NEVER use Kona solids again - they wrinkle and ravel and are coarse like burlap - not soft, like the fabrics I bought today. I am so happy I went to the sale and got all these fabrics.

They are all washed and the last piece is drying - I even have a special spot for them in the studio. Thread was on special for 50% off too and so I stocked up. I've really been using up thread with all the quilt tops I've been making lately - more on that later.


Sunny said...

Who is the maker of these fabric? Beautiful colors, all.

Peg said...

Ooh, nice buy - what brand are those fabrics, am needing to start looking for some solids for a quilt my sister wants, and these might just fit the bill.

A Garden of Threads said...

Oh wow, I could use some of that pink, since I opened my mouth and though about making a pink quilt,LOL. Great find, I love a sale.

Fearless Nester said...

I don't think I could have pinpointed 30s fabrics in solid colors. That is so interesting to see them! That had to have been a most delightful sale for you and I can see you're right on the ball having them already washed and ready to go! Happy 4th Jo! ~Lili

Rowan said...

You obviouly had a good time in the fabric store - they are lovely colours. Even though I don't sew I can still appreciate that:)

Crispy said...

OK, I'm asking the same question, what is the brand of solids and who did you purchase them from? LOL.

Sure are pretty colors :0)


Julie said...

Good for you on the fabrics! I rarely get to those sales as it's an hour drive and I avoid the "city" on holiday weekends if possible. Okay it's a city of 28,000 people, but I have to drive through that and get to Washington to get to Joann's! Sorry, my attempt at humor on the 4th!

Kathleen said...

What is the fabric and where did you get it? I live in Bothell - a trip north for fabric shopping would be fun.

roselady said...

Please tell what the fabric maker is. I need solids in the worse way.