Friday, December 24, 2010

Some fun stuff in the mail

This week I received some wonderful things in the mail - I do love surprises. From my friend Franni, in Florida, I got a nice big box of fun things. Some I knew were coming - some I was surprised by.

Some cute hair clips for the holidays - Franni makes and sells these in her Artfire shop - do stop over and see what else she has there. . . you'll be glad you did . . .

More darling hair clips . . .

And then the surprise part - two big stacks of red fabrics - oh how I love red fabric . . .

And a big piece of this fabulous 30s reproduction fabric - isn't it just great?

And for our tree, the cutest little sequin boot ornaments . . .

And a machine embroidered picture frame - just the thing for Ben's santa photo . . . such a fun box to open - it just went on and on - I'm lucky to have a friend like Franni.

And from my good friend Pam, a wonderful suprise. I was not even expecting this box, but when I saw the return address I was really excited.

This is a santa that Pam's mom made. Pam and her mother took a doll making class together and Pam's mom started this Santa doll. She passed away before she could finish it and the teacher finished it up. Santa has lived at Pam's house for 6 years now and she decided that he wanted to live here with my other Santas. So she surprised me with Santa.

Santa has stripey socks and "leather" shoes and mittens, checked pants and a lined velvet coat with hat and pack to match. His hat jingles with a bell and he is watching to see if you were naughty or nice. Pam was definitely nice, to share Santa with me. He will always be a very special treasure.

Santa's face close up - I love the red wire glasses and his puffy beard.


Darlene said...

Lots of delightful treats!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Peg said...

Isn't it fun getting mail!!!

Karen said...

It's a lovely Christmas morning here so Merry Christmas!

Crispy said...

Oooo what fun mail!! Love those hair clips :0)

Merry Christmas


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Girl, you hit the jackpot!

Dropping by to make sure and wish you a very Merry Christmas! Hope yours is filled with all good things and that all your wishes come true.

Merry Christmas!


Sheila :-)

Belinda said...

Just wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!! That little Ben is just growing so fast...can't we stack some books on his head and slow him down????
I just finished cleaning EVERYTHING...I won't have anyone here until Sunday...soooo, I can just relax and cook and sew a little. I made some Santa's Whiskers cookies and am thinking about making a pecan pie and then some peanut brittle and some fudge too...along with some other goodies!!!
Ok...I better go get Mr Brown Dirt's present wrapped...oh, and of course little Goober dog has a goodie too!!
Hope tomorrow is a wonderful festive day for you and yours Joann!!!!!!!!!

Lili said...

Oh I just love it when Santa's helpers send early presents! ~Lili

lila said...

What fun boxes! I love the little sequinedd booties!