Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've been making a lot of progress on the borders of the Hawaiian quilt. I've been able to take it to work with me (I've got a cushy job) and do some applique during the slow times. It is done in reverse applique, needle turn, and I think that is the easiest and fastest way to do applique.

I have only three more dolphins to do ( out of 27) until it is finished - so I am really closing in on the end. I spaced the dolphins randomly apart - not using the exact same space between each of them so in between I am going to make some splashes and waves - randomly placed. I took the top to a sew-in that I went to last weekend and everyone approved of the border - made me feel good.

The edge of the quilt will be bound in the same shape as the waves - giving a nice wavey edge. I like that kind of edge on a quilt - it gives a nice soft look to the quilt when it is on the bed.

Though the photos are two different sizes - the dolphins are all the same size.

The sew-in is held in Anacortes, WA - in a darling little house that has been set up for crafts/quilting - it is called the Hobby Cottage and you can rent it for your group by the day. We are a group of internet friends from western Wa and we try and get together about once a month. We bring potluck for lunch and our machines and projects, as well as show and tell, greedy gift exchange packages and anything else we can think of to bring. We have such a good time - stitching, eating, laughing, eating, talking, eating, sharing and did I mention eating? It is about an hour's drive for me, some come as far away as three hours - and we all have a grand time.

I hope to get the dolphins done this week and start on the waves - I will hand quilt this, though probably not in the traditional way that Hawaiian quilts are done, in shadow quilting about 1/4" apart - that just doesn't seem right for this quilt. I will do some crosshatching, some freeform quilting and perhaps use some stencils to make fill in quilting. I have it sort of planned in my head already. I will quilt it in purple thread, which I've already bought. I found some purple hand quilting thread at the store one time and decided I should get it while it was there, instead of waiting and then maybe being disappointed because it was gone.

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julieQ said...

How wonderful! Your dolphins are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them, you are doing a great job on your reverse applique.