Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What? Another post so soon you ask? Could it be? But we are used to only getting about one post a month. :-)

Well here I am again. I had done some of the bodies for the butterfly blocks in black, and they really took away from the butterflies - just too intense. So I took them off, and made new bodies out of my hand painted fabrics. I like the results much better - what do you think?

Here are two butterflies with the black bodies pinned on - very intense in my opinion.

I like the way the hand painted fabric coordinates with the 30s repros that I made the butterflies out of. It was fun picking the body colors, so many choices.

I only used the tiny left over scraps of my fabrics, didn't have to cut into one of the fat quarters. These are the fabrics left from making the crazy quilt, and those were just leftovers and painting ends, so I've gotten parts of two quilts from scraps - and I still have a nice plastic shoe box full of more scraps. I think there is no end to scraps when making quilts.

Each body is coordinated with the colors in the wings. I got a lot of these repro fabrics in a trade - I did some embroidered blocks for an internet friend and she sent me fat quarters of 30s fabrics - great trade!!

I have 34 butterflies done - now my plan is to put them together with more of the background fabric and applique flowers in the open spaces - after all - don't butterflies need flowers? This will be our spring time quilt when it is done.

Happy quilting - let me know what you think about the colored bodies - I am rather fond of them myself even though they are not traditional.


Catherine said...

I much prefer the butterflies with the coloured fabrics for bodies rather than the black. To me they seem more like they're floating by while the black is a bit heavy for them, imho.

BusybeeDebQuilts said...

I agree! I love the hand-painted fabrics ... they definitely look like they could fly away!


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