Monday, May 5, 2008


Now that sounds like fence doesn't it? But that is the number of posts I've made since I started this blog. I see others who are having give-aways for their 300th post - like Kristie - at Cowgirl Quilter, and the finished drawing at the Old Red Barn - but I fear I'll never get to those kinds of numbers. Thirty three is such a small number - but I've had fun doing it.

I am still working on the butterfly quilt - seems to go on and on and on. I got a few of the blocks pinned together before my grandson Ben got here this morning - he is spending the day with me. He is napping right now - not a daily occurance any more - but more than welcome when it does happen. We had a great time playing outdoors for a while - then after he went down his slide he said - yaaaay I did it - let's go indoors and have some ice cream - so in we came.

I haven't shown photos of my crazy quilt yet - so now is a good time to do that - since I have nothing new to show.
I started working on this quilt in late 2005, did a lot in 2006, and then it has had some short stretches of work and some longer stretches.

Closer look at the spiderweb. It is traditional for crazy quilts to have a spider and spider web someplace on the quilt.

I work on this from time to time - it is nice for take-along, but is getting so big now it isn't as easy as when it was first started. I am making this out of my hand painted fabrics, which are 100% cotton, so I decided to only use cotton floss for the embroidery. It will be bed-size when I'm finally done.

A friendly butterfly
From time to time I get caught up in the beading frenzy while looking at crazy quilts that are more embellished than mine, but then I calm down and go back to my original plan. So far it is working out well.

I don't necessarily want to work on this project continually - I need time for inspiration to hit so I can do more stitches. I look at other crazy quilts, have one book of embellishing stitches, and make up some of the designs myself. If I work on it too much at a time it feels like I am only repeating stitches - and I don't like that feeling. If I have some time between sessions then I feel that each stitch is new - even though it might not be. I especially like doing the couching (in white in the photo above) and French knots.

Happy quilting all!!


Teresa said...

Your crazy quilt is gorgeous! Great job.

Judi S said...

Lovely! Your hand dyes look fabulous in these blocks. How big is this?