Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I got the butterfly quilt out again and began working on it. It has been sitting and begging me to finish it up - so finally I listened.

Since the blocks are all different sizes there were some places that needed filled in with the background fabric. I got that done - then added 14" on three sides of the quilt - of the background fabric - to make it big enough for my bed.

Today I began cutting out butterflies to fill in all the blank spaces -

Lots of butterflies in 30s repro fabrics. I pinned 14 on the quilt - and still need about twice that many - so back to cutting out more butterflies. I have lots of 30s fabrics so that won't be a problem. I need more yellow butterflies to balance the quilt. After they are all pinned on I will do a quick basting to hold them until I get them appliqued down - then the black buttonhole stitch, bodies and antennaes. Won't be long until this top is finished and ready for quilting. I think it is going off to the machine quilter - so I can have it done before the end of time - and can bind and use it this summer.


A dear friend called and said she was coming over to see our new house - she lives over an hour away and hasn't been up since we bought the house. After a tour of the house and chatting a few minutes - she handed me a package - and in it was this wonderful house warming lap quilt. It was made by the ladies in my small internet group - the same group that has the sew-ins in Anacortes, WA every month or so. Each one made a heart - one lady put it all together and a second did the gorgeous machine quilting, with the binding finally being done by someone else.

What a lovely project - and a sweet way to remember friends and to keep warm. It warms me twice - or three or four times. All the fabrics are my favorite 30s repros - of course - and it goes perfectly with our new living room. It will sit on the back of the love seat, unless I am using it to cover my legs while reading in the evenings. Such a snuggly wonderful surprise. What a great bunch of ladies!!! Aren't quilters just the greatest!?!

I must get back to cutting out butterflies - while the inspiration is still with me. Hope you are all having a super quilty day!

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Teresa said...

That is a nice surprise! I will look forward to seeing your butterfly quilt as the butterfly fabrics looks so ready to enjoy the summer.