Sunday, May 25, 2008


At last - the new plaster is painted - the shelves are in - and stuff is back on the shelves. Yippeeee. We did the painting yesterday - but unfortunately the color of white we picked is just a tad greener than what is currently on the walls, so this afternoon we will have to paint the rest of the wall space around the closets to make it blend in. It won't take long, and then one wall will just be a hair off the color of the rest of the walls and you will think it is the light in the room that makes it look that way - if you notice it at all.

We also got the shelves in last night in the studio - with just one more high shelf to go in - but that has to wait until we buy the shelf. I spent most of this morning putting the bins and boxes back in the closet. It makes the room seem so much bigger with the open shelving. We still have to patch the spot in the carpet where the door came out - we'll do that with a scrap from the carpet we are having replaced in the living room, master bedroom, dining room and den. The carpet is currently the same color throughout the house - but we are having most of it replaced in a couple weeks. The order is in -just waiting for the installer to contact us with a date. We will leave the dark green in the studio and the guest room for now - that is a project for a later date.

We did not put the closet doors up in the bedroom, as they would have to be taken out to install the carpet - they are sitting in the hallway - waiting to scare me every time I walk by.

Then - on one of our trips to town we drove past the ponds in our park and got some great photos of the ducks and geese. The babies are growing up fast so I wanted to get pictures while they were still little.

Daddy goose - he means business when he tells you to stay away from the family.

And here is the family - learning to move in formation. They practice their "V" formation for flying by swimming in a "V". It is interesting to watch the adult ducks keep their babies in line.

And the duck family - swimming in the same pond. The babies still are "peeping" when they talk - it is so cute.

Our weather has been fabulous the last two days - sunshine and about 78 - and no wind - who could ask for more? I'm headed back out to the yard to do some buttonhole stitch on the butterflies - I only have about 5 left to do, then the bodies need to be appliqued and last - the antennae embroidered. Then that top will be ready for some flower applique - for the butterflies to feast on.

When the race is over we are headed out to K-mart to buy some board games for our oldest grandson - Jahn. He asked me last time he was here why we didn't have any board games - and Ididn't have an answer for that. We found Dora Candyland on the computer and played a few games of that - but it isn't the same as getting out the boards and playing together at the coffee table.

Hope your weekend is going great.

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Teresa said...

Bless your heart. The closets look great and I know you are going to love the ease of access. You sure have been through it though as I read the post before this one and had to chuckle...sounds like our home improvement projects.