Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I finally got the last 24 butterflies appliqued and the buttonhole stitching done around each one. For some reason this seemed to take longer than the first 34 butterflies. Now I am cutting out the bodies from my hand painted fabrics - getting them ready to applique.

hey are just pinned on the butterflies for now - waiting to be cut to shape and then appliqued.

I want to applique flowers and vines on the quilt - as butterflies just love flowers. It has taken me a long time and much searching but I've finally decided on using Grandmother's Flower Garden "flowers" and YoYos for some of the other flowers. I will cut bias stems and applique them down and then add the flowers.

I am doing the GFG pieces in English Paper Piecing - above are some of the papers glued (I use a washable glue stick) to the fabrics - waiting to have the seam turned under and basted. At the top of the photo are a few of the finished pieces, ready to be whip stitched together.

These are some of the papers stuck to the yellow fabric that will be the center of the flowers. This process has many steps but I really like the way the turn out so don't mind the steps.

Here they all are in a tin, ready to go to work with me where I can finish getting them ready to become flowers.

* * * * *

And of course I can't leave you without some of the pictures of spring time. It is so gloriously green here - even the air seems green on these sunny days. We had an absolutely perfect weekend - sunny and about 78 - and then Monday and Tuesday it was supposed to rain but it cleared off and was almost as nice as the weekend.

It almost seems you can taste the green!!

And the blue sky with the green leaves is amazing - be careful not to tip over while looking up at the sky.

The little evergreen in our backyard is sporting some very pretty green "fingernails"

And one lovely rhododendren!!! Isn't spring grand!!!

Happy quilting and gardening - if you like that sort of thing - to all!! Thanks for stopping by.

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Teresa said...

Those GFG flowers are going to look perfect with your butterflies. Can't wait to see the quilt!