Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have loved the Bucilla quilt kits since I was a kid in the late 50s. I grew up in Alaska and the local dry goods store carried embroidery kits in a big wooden draw under one of the sweater counters. I would go through the drawer every chance I got and wish for one of the quilt kits. I did earn enough money to buy a kit for a pair of embroidered dish towels, one with a Rooser that says - I Rule the Roost - and the other with a hen that says - Says Who? Quite traditional for that time. :-)

I never could seem to come up with the 9.98 that was needed to buy the quilt kit - and I've wished that they were available for a long time now. Then recently I saw photos of two quilts, made from these kits and decided to give ebay a try. There were several people selling the quilt patterns, for about 15.00 with shipping, some of the finished quilts, running over 300.00 - and some complete kits. I put several on my watched list and waited for the auctions to come to an end. I bid on mine - and there was no one else bidding against me - yet I still go so nervous as the last few seconds ticked off. I won!!!!! And for just 51.00!! I couldn't believe it - the fabrics would have cost me more than that,and it inclueds binding also.

In just two days the quilt kit was in my mailbox - all the way from Sherman, TX - I could not believe that it was actually here. I slowly opened the package - pulling each piece carefully out - looking at the colors and the instructions - feeling just like that nine year old kid again!! Of course I want to dive right in and start it - but the grown-up in me says - wait, you still have the butterflies to finish, and the Hawaiian to to be hand quilted - you must wait. So I put the pieces back in the package - how long they will stay there I'm not sure.

I keep patting the package and looking at the picture on the front. I am so happy, finally I have my quilt!!!

And then I found more patterns on ebay - and bought the Hollyhock pattern. This is on a CD and has great photos and actual size pattern pieces and placement diagrams - this is for in the future - but I know I'll make this one too - these are my absolute favorite type of quilt, even though they are very dated. I just adore them, even now.

And I'm going to get the pattern for the Gladiola, as that is Don's favorite flower, so he must have a quilt also. Hollyhocks are my favorite flower, but there was only the rose kit on ebay, so I am plenty happy to have it.

What a good ebay/quilt week this has been.

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Daybreak*Dawning said...

happy daze :-) you DID go shopping. I'm thrilled you found an original kit. When I did my glads I cut the appliqué parts into their individual pieces and then stored them by 10's between the pages of a small book (like a Keepsake Quilting catalog. Knowing me, I probably put sticky note tabs with 1-10, 11-20 etc for quick reference. There were two pieces missing in my kit, so knowing that up front gave me plenty of time to find two pieces of matching fabric. All the best with your project! You will have Heavenly Roses done by the next show time won't you? KalamaQuilts