Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Oh - we are sitting in the spring! Or at least it seems so. We have had so much rain here in NW WA that we are beginning to grow webbed feet and moss - in our hair. Drip Drip Drip Drizzle.

I read someplace the other day that we have had rain for 64 of the last 70 days. Drip Drip Drip And this is the coldest June since 1894 - we are calling it June-uary. There was snow down to 3,000 feet in the nearby mountains last night - and the passes to Eastern WA all had snow.

Last night it rained so hard that the noise on the skylight was louder than our conversations - we had to wait for a lull in the rain to even talk to each other. Drip Drip Drip DRIP DRIP DRIP DOWNPOUR!!

My poor flower gardens are awash in mud - no need to water anything this spring. The grass continues to grow like - well, like a lawn in NW WA in the spring - and finding days that are dry enough to mow before we are eaten alive by the lawn is very hard. Drip Drip Drizzle Drizzle

I planted some nasturtiums in the flower gardens that I had started from seed and so far they are doing ok - and the deer haven't eaten them. I staked up the Shasta Daisies and the Asters - making it easier for the deer to snack on them. Drip Drip Drip Muddy Shoes.

I can't wait until the nasturtiums are blooming - they are one of my favorites! I love how they run about like wild women and spread all over the flower beds. Bouquets of them in the house are wonderful and we eat the flowers on salads in the summer!

The water is spilling over the tops of the gutters sometimes when it is raining very hard. Yesterday when I walked across the lawn the water came up almost 2 inches on my shoes - everything is squishy like a sponge - I think the water table is level with our lawn now. Drip Drip Drip Drizzle Splat!!

The lawn chairs are sitting in the rain - no one to sit in them - Drip Drip Drop Splash!

The windows are covered in raindrops - our grandson tries to wipe them off from the inside so he can see the birds. We have one sad, wet Oriole that comes to the covered feeder and sits, dripping, on the edge - trying to find a dry spot to sit and enjoy his lunch. Drip Drip Drip Drizzle

But all this rain does make for a gorgeous Washington when the sun finally does come out. I've never seen such green before - and I grew up in Southeast Alaska where it REALLY knows how to rain.

The daffodils were more than gorgeous this year - abundant and fragrant and cheerful. There is nothing more cheerful than a daffodil - unless it is a child laughing.

There are acres and acres of daffodils and tulips grown south of here. Each April they have a festival to celebrate the spring flowers. This is just one of the many fields of daffodils we saw on our tour of the fields. We stopped at a farm stand and bought a bouquet of 50 daffodils for 5.00. What a treat!!

The dogwoods are blooming all over the woods - bright patches of white in the deep greens. Pretty Pretty Pretty

California Poppies cheer us up with their sunny bright faces - they grow in yards and wild along the roads!!

The Lace Cap Hydrangea smell so sweet and are fresh and clean from the rain.

So I sit indoors and work on my quilts while it continues to drip and drizzle outdoors - I have begun the vines on the butterfly quilt, and will be adding the flowers soon. It is cheery to work on something so summery when all around me it is Drip Drip Drip Drizzle Downpour Thunder and Lightening Drip Drip Drip

Happy quilting - and stay dry and cool - depending on where you live! Squish!


Teresa said...

Beautiful artistic pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Quilt Pixie said...

always too much or too little it seems with Mother Nature -- maybe becase we ahve so little control that's how it seems... The rain is mking for great raindrop pics though :-)

Daybreak*Dawning said...

As Cher said to Nick Cage in Moonstruck...SNAP OUT OF IT! You live in the PacNW! :) I hope you took pictures at your trunk show and will share them here. Great story, and glad DH found his license! KalamaQuilts

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Jo, esp the water ones! So much nicer to see that rain in photos than to experience it.