Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wonderful Wonderful Purple Pam!!!

Have you ever met someone that is just so sweet and wonderful and delightful and darling and purple???? Well I have, she is Purple Pam and I'm sure many of you know her. If you don't - then hop right over to her blog and visit - I'll wait until you get back.

Ok - back? Good - wasn't that fun? Now look what Purple Pam has done. One day about a week ago I got a package in the mail - I wasn't expecting anything, and when I looked at the return address I knew who it was - but could think of no reason why I'd be getting mail from Pam.

And look inside this package - a Layer Cake of Moda Snippets - all of them 30s reproduction fabrics - my all time favorites - for no reason at all - except that Pam wanted to make me smile.

I smiled so big I almost broke my face - I laughed - I giggled - I danced around the room - oh I had fun - and yes, I did smile.

Here are some of the pretty fabrics in the Layer Cake. There are 42 Ten Inch Squares. Each design is in several colors - those little clothes are just the cutest thing and have backgrounds in pink, orange, blue, etc., as do the flowers - and there are all sorts of colors of polka dots - don't you just love polka dots?!?

And because she is Purple Pam she included these half yard cuts of purple 30s fabrics - so I would think of her - you can be sure of that - I'll think of her whenever I see these fabrics in my projects. Now to think of quilts to make - so many choices - so much fabric. :-) I found a cute applique House on a Hill quilt, it would be perfect - so 30s - or maybe a basket block - or butterflies - oh the choices.

Thank you Pam - you will never know just how happy this makes me.


luv2quilt2 said...

Loved the visit to Purple Pam; I'll have to go back again. Aren't 30s repro fabrics just the greatest? Although they were a good bit before my time, my grndmothers both wore dresss and aprons from that era. (they were very frugal)

Pat said...

How very nice for "Purple Pam" to do that for you!!!

Dena said...

These fabrics just scream your name and will look great in any project. You have a great friend in Purple Pam. Lucky you. Have fun doing the happy dance with your fabric. lol

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

She may be PURPLE PAM
but she's also TRUE BLUE

What a fun package and such a sweet thing for her to do.

Terri said...

Now Pam is a sweetie!! Love all of your goodies! I happen to love purple too!!

Barb said...

Oh....lucky you...what fun you will have!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing nicer than a surprise package with incredible goodies to make the day!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Crispy said...

I just love Pam, she's so much fun. She and I are doing the Aunt Millie's Garden BOM together. What a sweet thing she did!!


Dorothy said...

JoAnn, that was a wonderful thing for Pam to do. The fabrics are wonderful! Hope you and Don are well.

Fearless Nester said...

Aren't blogger buddies the best? That must have been so much fun for both of you! Great fabrics!

Purple Pam said...

I am printing out all those nice things you wrote about me so that whenever my hubby gets upset with me, I will wave that testimonial before his eyes and ask how could he be upset with such a Purple Pam?

Enjoyed the pictoral journey to Concrete. Thank you for sharing them.

Remember - keep smiling!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How very sweet. I just love Snippets. Hope you have fun making something special.