Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A letter to Santa

I see that Santa is over at the Fat Quarter Shop - and he is giving out presents and granting wishes. What a delightful Santa he is - so I would like to write him a letter.

Dear Santa,

I see that you are busy over at the Fat Quarter Shop - getting ready for christmas deliveries. To make it easier for you - I'd like to send my list and you can shop right there and the nice people will send the gifts out - now what could be easier?

I love 30s fabrics and this little bundle of fat quarters would look so nice in my christmas stocking. I would sew up pretty quilts with it, or make some bags to give to my friends so they could carry their treasures around, or I could make some quilts for newborn babies or little children that don't have a quilt of their own - oh the things I could do with these pretties.

I have been a very good girl this year - I let other people help with my chores, I let others enjoy the fun of doing some of my shopping, I even let some of my best friends do some sewing for me - now what could be nicer than that? I try not to be naughty - although sometimes it slips out without much effort on my part - but I hope that you are looking the other way - or at someone else when my naughties get the best of me. You could watch Linda, or Pat - they gave me the idea to send this letter to you - and you know how they are - sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, so if the naughties come a creeping up on me - please look the other way - over there - look at Linda and Pat - see what they are doing (oops, now there are those naughties that I was talking about, sneaking up on me)

If it helps any - I will try even harder next year to be nice - I'll think of new and different ways to be nice - and if the naughties catch up with me - I'll tell them to go away - because Santa is watching.

Thank you very much Santa. Your good friend, and very nice helper, Jo


Fearless Nester said...

Your letter to Santa made me giggle...surely he could not resist bestowing you with all the fat quarters your heart desires!

Darlene said...

Cute letter! I hope Santa grants your every wish! :-)

Pat said...

hahahaha....what....ME naughty?? I don't think so....but if you want to make Santa look at me, that's fine as maybe he'll then remember MY letter and get MY gift!!! hehehe

Crispy said...

I'm pretty sure that he's watching me being naughty, which I am most of the time, so I'm sure he's missed your naughty moments and only has you on the nice side of the list :0)