Friday, March 5, 2010

A quilt every few days or so #1

I have two friends that are showing a quilt a day. Julie is just starting to show her quilts and Sharon has been going for two months now. I can't promise a quilt a day - but I'll try for one every few days and we'll see how that goes. You can spend an eternity at Sharon and Julie's blogs - they make some of the best quilts you'll ever see. Julie does my machine quilting - so you'll see some of her work here from time to time.

The first quilt I want to show you is one I made over 15 years ago. It is hand appliqued and hand quilted. We call it Aunt Mary's Rose - after one of Don's aunts. I like this photo of it on the porch of our house in N. California.

This is the whole quilt, hanging on the clothesline at the house we lived in before we bought this house. I miss that clothesline - we aren't allowed clotheslines here and I think that is a shame, because you get such pretty pictures on clotheslines. I am trying to think of some way to string a line from the house to the little grove of trees in the back yard - a line that I can hook up to take photos of quilts and then take right down.

Close up of the hand quilting. This is the quilt I have on the bed in spring.

Do you change your quilts with the season.


Anonymous said...

WOW...This quilt appeals to me on so many levels!! Color...subject...& the hand quilting is exquisite!!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful quilt JoAnn. The hand quilting is wonderful, it really adds to the overall design.

The Quintessential Magpie said...


Since we have one season in Florida (until this year), I leave the same quilts on my beds. However, I think that might change!


Sheila :-)

Julie said...

Absolutely stunning Jo! I love it and it's definitely springy. I do change my quilts with the seasons. It's fun to see the variety. I have lots of wall space so most of them are wallhangings.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

How lovely! It's a treasure!

I do have summer and winter quilts, but the one that gets most use is about 25 years old now and was the second quilt I made. It wouldn't win any prizes!

Linda B said...

How sad that you can't have a clothesline! We always dry our clothes outside when the weather permits, and of course I hang my dyed fibers out there also.
WHEN YOU COME TO VISIT we will show you our line. It can be taken down any time and just hooked in place when we need it. When I have a big tour, I like to hang quilts on the line for mood.

Pat said...

You did a wonderful job on that rose quilt, Jo. I wish I could change quilts with the seasons, but I don't have enough bed-sized quilts. (The problem is getting them quilted...I can't seem to so it well on my machine and can't afford to have one done professionally too often.) I cannot imagine having enough quilts to show one a day for TWO months on a blog!!! WOW!!! We can only have those umbrella-type clotheslines here and not nice long ones that are great for hanging quilts. *sigh*

Sunny said...

Wonderful hand-quilting... just beautiful! I recognize this pattern, or one very similar to it that my mom had done. Vr=ery pretty with the pink!

Barb said...

What a beautiful quilt, totally amazing.

I do not have any quilts that are big enough for my King size bed, yes....I know, need to get in gear..

Sharon T in Lynden said...

beautiful quilt Jo! Thanks for sharing my blog with your many friends. I'd love to get more followers, though I do hear from people who read regularly, but aren't on my "followers" list.
When are we going to get together??

Karen said...

The quilting on the pink & green quilt is very nice. This design reminds me of the kit quilts that were available many years ago.

*karendianne. said...

Gosh this is a sweet quilt. Amazing work really. All that hand work. Wow. I'll bet it feels really snuggly and comfy to have around in the Spring. Thanks for sharing this treasure my friend. Your work is quite DIVINE!

Fearless Nester said...

What an exquisite quilt Jo. I love the pink and the roses. We sleep under a duvet cover over a down comforter, so I just change out the duvet. It brings back memories for me though of sleeping as a child at my Grammie's house, she always had quilts there. ~Lili

Crispy said...

Oh Jo, that is just beautiful, I love your quilting on this one!!


Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

It's really wonderful! I love to change my quilts up with the seasons, and I love hand quilted quilts. Yours is a winner in all respects!