Saturday, March 27, 2010

A quilt every few days or so #17

And now - two of the quilts made from those swap blocks from the last post. For review - two yahoo groups of Washington quilters that I belong to, have a swap every year of blocks that remind us of Washington. I have participated in this swap for almost 10 years. Each year we make our blocks and send them to a central location, where they are swapped and sent back to us. We can make anywhere from 5 to 35 blocks, and however many we make -that is how many we receive back. The most I've made of any one block is 35, but usually Istick to about 10. It has been fun to see what can be translated as being "Washington".

The first quilt top I made with WA swap blocks. So many clever ideas about what represents Washington . . .

I wanted a different setting for the second quilt, so picked this Attic Windows setting for the next WA quilt. I think blue is the perfect setting for these blocks.

I have enough blocks to make a third quilt, and then all of our kids will have a Washington quilt - someday, when I'm ready to give them up. Right now these two tops are at Julie's, waiting their turn to be quilted.

I haven't decided on the setting for the third quilt - do you have any great ideas for the setting?


Crispy said...

Both are great quilts Jo, I love the attic window setting too. It odd but I see more gold finches here than I ever saw in WA.


Fearless Nester said...

Vintage setting...I don't know how you would do that...but it sounds good to me! You no doubt would come up with far better ideas than I ever could, I love the quilts you have been showing us, it's like you have an endless supply of ideas! ~Lili

Julie said...

I am getting ready to baste the quilts this week to start quilting!