Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh fun!! And pretty!!!

Well Friday the 13th was a great day. I started out my day by going with Ben and his family to the library lawn where they were giving out awards for the summer reading program. For each child that read at least 15 books - or had them read to them for the younger ones - got a sign for their yard that says "Super Summer Reader", a gift certificate to a local ice cream parlor, a certificate of achievement and another certificate for a free book at the book sale, held after the award ceremony and a hand shake from the mayor. It was a bright, sunny, almost hot day.

High Five Mr. Mayor!!!

Ben on his way to get his certificate! Love the shades!

Next was some running around for errands - then taking Ben to preschool. He showed me around the preschool again and then it was time to go to the car dealer and see what we could do about a "new" car. Our poor Grand Prix was starting to show her age - and starting to cost us money - so we thought a different car would be the best thing. We had found one we liked on the internet - at the dealer's site - and so off we went to wheel and deal. (why aren't those two words spelled alike - wheel and deel - or wheal and deal? Just askin')

And after THREE HOURS - a lot of which was spent sitting and waiting - we ended up with a very pretty, shiny, sparkly (there is glitter in the paint) Impala SS. It has more gadgets than you could imagine - or maybe you can imagine. It starts itself while you are still in the house - it tells you all sorts of information about mileage and trips and your tires and if you can't find it in the parking lot it will beep and flash its lights at you and it will tell you how much gas is left and what mpg you are getting - and what you were getting yesterday. It's kind of a nosy little car, but very friendly about it. It can call On-Star and get all sorts of information - even how to back up and where to turn around if you went past your destination - if you ask it to - I'm not sure we'll be asking.

After signing all the papers we picked up Ben from preschool and took him to dinner, while his mommy finished work and his daddy recuperated from oral surgery earlier in the day. Ben picked the restaurant - pizza!! He even gave Grampy very good directions on how to get to Pizza Hut. As we approached the driveway he said - slower, slower, almost there - such a good navigator he is. The new car has a sun roof, which Ben likes to open - and he calls it the roof window.

One thing the new car doesn't have that our other car had, is a 12 CD changer in the trunk. We are going to miss that. So I made a summery CD holder for the visor this morning before we left for some errands. Maybe I'll change it with the seasons.

If you are local - and looking for a great car and good deal - try Jerry Chambers Chevrolet - and ask for Ryan - who is a super salesman, without being overwhelming.

We had our first ice cream cone in the new car today - and didn't spill one drip! It has been two really fun days. More about that tomorrow - or Monday - you know how I am.


Peg said...

Nice car - you'll enjoy all those toys!!

Barb said...

Love your car!!!

Crispy said...

Very cool car Jo. It's amazing how many gadgets there are in cars now. I miss not having a sun roof, I always loved looking up at the tall building in Seattle :0)


A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, a shiney new car. It will be fun to drive with all those gadgets. Have fun!:)

Fearless Nester said...

Congrats on your new car Jo! It's really pretty. Glad you didn't get any ice cream drips in it! ~Lili

Nanci said...

I love the new car! They always smell so good too! The cd holder was a great idea and I may do one for Christmas gifts...
We get Ben and Jerry's here in Canada, but only at the supermarket.

Julie said...

Beautiful car, but I thought you didn't want a blue one! :-) :-)