Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When we were building our deck we needed a wheelbarrow so Ben and I went shopping for one, one day early this summer. We decided we wanted a two-wheeled on - for better balance. Spilling stuff out of a one-wheeled wheelbarrow is no fun - and the two-wheeler is easier to use - and when we saw the one with the lady-bug spots we both fell in love with it.

It wasn't put together so we brought home the big package and I proceeded to put it together - Ben tended to swing set business. One of the handle pieces was badly bent on the end and wouldn't fit together - called the local hardware store and they said to bring it back and they would trade me for one that was put together - but not charge the assembly fee - hurray for Hardware Sales - the greatest hardware store of all time.

Don hauls the recycling down to the bins and asked Ben if he wanted a ride. What six year old boy doesn't want a ride in a wheelbarrow?

Off they went - and Ben said to me as they went down the road - "This means Peace, Grammy".

It's been a fun summer!


Pondside said...

That looks like a sensible sort of wheelbarrow. What little boy would say 'no' to a ride down the lane?

*karendianne. said...

That's fun!

Sunny said...

They really ARE more sensible and sturdy. That is similar to the one I used for a feed-cart for my rabbits. Now that they are gone, it will become my favorite wheelbarrow too!

Lili said...

I've never even noticed there were 2 wheeled ones before. Glad to see Ben recycling that Peace sign as so many of his generation have picked up on! ~Lili

GardenofDaisies said...

A ride in the wheelbarrow sounds fun!! And two wheels are so much smarter than one. Do you know how many times I have tipped over a load?