Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Birds in Wisconsin

Besides the Sandhill Cranes and the Mergansers in the last two posts about Wisconsin, we saw a few other birds too. One thing I saw was not a bird, but it went by so fast I couldn't even get my camera up for a picture. We were on the freeway heading back to southern Wisconsin and right there, beside the freeway, munching on leaves was an Elk - no kidding - an Elk. I am not sure how it got there - freeway and fence on one side and fence with houses behind the fence on the other side of the Elk, yet there it was, enjoying a tasty meal of leaves, oblivious to the rushing traffic and the houses nearby. I only wish I had a picture of it - the antlers were impressive.

So - back to the birds.

We stopped in Delafield, where Don had lived for a year and a half when he was 7-8 years old. The house on the Mill Pond was still there - but the mill pond dam had been taken down. He spent some time walking around in the yard, and as we were pulling out I spotted this lovely fella.

His mate had been on the fence too, but as I snapped the picture she flew off. I was happy just to have one photo of a cardinal.

As we were leaving Kashena Falls we heard the geese before we saw them. I got off one quick picture before they flew behind the trees.

At Kashena Falls we had watch a heron fly in way down the river - and my camera was able to capture him, even at that distance. I love my camera - Canon Power Shot SX 30IS - it can zoom up to 140X.

And then the turkeys. We saw several flocks of turkeys in those two days, but they were easily frightened and were gone before I could get a picture of them. This one was at the edge of a hay field where I had been taking pictures of the Sandhill Cranes. I saw the grasses on the edge of the field waving and focused my camera on them, to see what might come out.

And there he was . . .

Amongst the wild Black-Eyed Susan - a perfect shot - and then he was gone back into the grasses.


Pondside said...

We don't see cardinals on the Island, so it's been a long time since I saw a flash of red that wasn't a woodpecker or Red Winged Blackbird. Cardinals and Jays are somehow magical!

Celestial Charms said...

Absolutely beautiful...all!