Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh - Mrs. BrownDirt

When last we visited with Mrs. BrownDirt, she was at a lodge, enjoying herself on vacation. That same vacation she had a few other adventures. Let's check in and see what she was up to on her vacation to Plain, WA.

It was a sunny and very warm day - so Mrs. BrownDirt and her people headed off for a picnic, trying to find some water - a lake, a river, an ocean - oh wait - no oceans in Plain, WA -

I love a good picnic - especially one with a cooler full of good food - and cool ice, it is very hot today and we cotton people might get wrinkled and mussed in the heat. Ahhhh comfort.

I think I'll have a look around - see what is in the woods by this river . . .

Oh noooo - a bear - run - hide. I thought this was going to be a civilized lodge vacation - not one with bears. They will eat the stuffing right out of you if you aren't careful!

It is a very big bear!!

Quick - up a tree - hope I don't fall over into that river - a girl doesn't like to get wet and messy in her good dress,.

Uh oh - I'm not such a good climber - heeeelp!

Oh dear - I forgot that bears can climb trees - now what?

I'll hide in the leaves . . .

The bear seems to be friendly - he says I should come down for lunch - I hope he doesn't mean that I am going to be lunch. I've very hungry so I will chance it - it is easier to get down out of a tree than to get up in a tree.

When I climb down - what do I see - Buddy E - waiting on a rock - is he laughing at me?

That frog - he is laughing because he ate the sandwiches while I was desperately trying to escape that ferocious bear - I bet Buddy E sent the bear after me.

No no - the frog is going to eat all the Girl Scout Cookies . . .

Go ahead frog - try and get those cookies!

Oops - did you fall into the box ? Hee Hee Heee

Oh I'm sorry frog - really I am - the cookies got all eaten up before you could get any - maybe it was that mean old bear - snicker snicker - really, I AM sorry frog.

It was a nice picnic, despite having to hide from a bear and then the frog eating the sandwiches - I think he has a tummy ache, I know I do - I mean the bear does, from eating all those cookies.


joe tulips said...

This is so funny! Loved the cranes too!

Ann Michelle said...

Lovely day! Mrs BrownDirt rocks!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

...LOL....oh my goodness you!!! Just what I needed this morning, a good laugh!!!

I don't appear to be very lady like in my dress do I??? I guess that's the way a gal turns out after being raised with 3 brothers!

I told Joe Tulips I didn't know which was better, going camping with her or going on a vacation with made me wear a dress!!!

This trip was just toooo funny!!!!