Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lone Star Quilt Number 3 - and some changes

At last, I'm able to have the laptop on my lap so I can post something.  I still can't sit at the computer desk - but this is great for now.

This is the third Lone Star Quilt - made for our youngest daughter, Lori. When she was growing up she had a purple bedroom - purple everything - even the bathroom was purple.

 I started collecting purple fabrics - it was amazing the difference in purples, some had a red tone, some a blue tone and some were hard to describe.

Then cut strips, sew strips, cut strips apart, sew strips together again - into diamond shapes.

And then sewn into the points of the star - I worked on the shading on paper, with scraps of fabrics so I would get the grading of colors that I wanted.

Finally - the whole Lone Star
I have read that when you look at a Lone Star quilt your eyes should be continuously moving - going from color to color, as if the quilt was moving - I think I've done pretty well in capturing that movement.

Center close up .  .  .

A tiny pieced border and some embroidery and YoYo Flowers.  I did the embroidery on my Brother, it has a stitch that looks like hand embroidery - pretty clever, eh?

The whole top - done at last!

Next step - off to the Machine Quilter - Julie in Idaho. These  were well traveled quilts before they were done.  Julie quilts on her home machine, which amazes me.  This is the center of Lori's quilt.

More details of the machine quilting.  .  .

Lots of YoYo Flowers on this quilt .  .  .

Lori on presentation day - with our grandson Ben, sitting behind his auntie in the big giant chair.

You can click HERE to read all about the Lone Star Quilt Project.

And now for the changes coming to my blog.  Since I've stopped quilting I won't be focusing on quilts so much now - though I still have 6 other Lone Star Quilt to show.  I will be focusing more on what is happening in our area - photos of interesting things to see and do in and around Bellingham, WA.  I hope you'll continue to visit - even after the quilt blog posts are finished.  I enjoy having visitors and love the comments.


A Garden of Threads said...

Oh my gosh, that is stunning!!! Fabulous job. I will certainly continue to stop by for a visit, my own blog does not contain many quilting posts lately. Hope recovery is progressing well. Jen

Ann Michelle said...

Its Gorgeous! Maybe my favorite so far... I'm looking forward to the rest! I look forward to seeing your blog pictures of Bellingham. There are several Revards living there and its been years since I have visited.

GardenofDaisies said...

WOW! I'm in awe of all your perfectly matched up points. I bet she LOVED it!

Rowan said...

Had no idea that you'd had back surgery, so glad it was successful and that you are recovering well. This quilt is wonderful, I absolutely love the colours in it. Your daughter must be thrilled with it.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow! That is a stunning quilt, great work!

Of course i'll keep visiting!

Hope you are soon as good as new. x

Purple Pam said...

Another beautiful Lone Star, and it is PURPLE!

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh My Goodness! Oh My Goodness!!

FABULOUS Lone Star!! I bet Lori is just beside herself with her new purple quilt!!

YoYos and embroidery vines and leaves, just stunning

Marie said...

Oh my! JoAnn! The purple on with the yoyo flowers is my favorite so far! Gorgeous!!!!