Saturday, March 1, 2008

House Block

One of my internet groups is making a quilt for one of our members. All the blocks are to be houses - of some sort - and mine is a lighthouse. This block was paper pieced and alot of fun to make - though there were some tiny pieces near the top. I used my FW to do the paper piecing - I wasn't having very good luck with my new Brother - the foot is part plastic and part metal and I can't tell where the needle is when I lower the presser foot. Maybe I'll need to get a new 1/4" foot.

We've had a lot of sunshine lately - and finally yesterday the rains returned. Rain is more normal for this time of year in WA - but it was fun to have the warmer days and plenty of sunshine. A few things are beginning to bud out - the Oso Berry bushes in the woods have their little sprout of leaves and their cute little blossoms already. They are always first in the woods - because they will be shadowed by the later appearing leaves. It is always a good sign when you see Oso Berries blooming!

And there were more robins this week - pecking about in the lawn looking for a gourmet treat (at least to a robin it is gourmet! The lawn is beginning to grow already - ahhhh spring!!!!

I made another block this week - all this sewing - unbelievable. :-)

This is for a birthday swap I belong to online - and it is called Stars and Scraps. I really like the way it turned out.

And I love the colors. The next block I am workingon is a Card Trick - wow - that is one that needs some concentration. I cut some of the pieces wrong and had to recut - sewed some wrong and had to frog-stitch (rip-it, rip-it) but now I have everything cut the correct size and the steps figured out so I can stitch on that - picture soon.

If I was making a whole quilt of Card Trick blocks it might get simpler as I went along. As it is - I have two more Card Trick blocks to make for the birthday swap - but they are all in different color schemes.

Happy quilting !!

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Catherine said...

Love your lighthouse block and your blog!