Monday, March 24, 2008


Three Hope Angels

I've been making angels from felt and vintage linens. They are "Hope Angels" - sent to people who need cheering up - or need a little extra special angel. So far they are in Washington and Florida - and one is on her way to West Virgina. They are happy to fly where ever they might be needed.

Their heads are of felt. The wings are quilt blocks - these are all 3" nine patches - cut to shape and then buttonhole stitched to felt for strength. I've added some buttons and lace to some of the angels, and one even has tiny YoYos. They are a quick project, and such fun to make, as you watch the angel appear as you work. I keep a little basket of "angel parts" handy, for stitching at odd moments, or for our evenings of reading. Don often reads to me while I stitch, making it even more enjoyable.

I find the vintage linens at thrift stores. I've been collecting the linens for a long time, with plans eventually to make a crazy quilt from them. For now - the doilies and hankies are a great use for the linens, don't you agree?


Joan said...

What wonderful angels! This is one of the nicest ideas I've seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing it. I may just have to do a few of these for some friends I know would love to receive them.

Greenmare said...

oh they are sweet and what a nice idea.