Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here are more of the Birthday Swap blocks that I've made for the swap I'm in with my local internet friends. They are not due until the birthdays come around but I decided to get them all done and get them packaged up for mailing - then mail them when each birthday rolls around.

It was like making a sampler quilt, but in different color schemes. Each block was fun - gathering the fabrics (I don't have a stash so had to shop for most of them), cutting and stitching. Though I am glad I am done.

I spent most of my week making the blocks. Now I can go on to something else. For my handwork project I am making a butterfly quilt in 30s reproduction fabrics. I have 34 butterflies, in different sizes, on mottled blue background already hand appliqued and buttonhole stitched in black. I have time at work to do stitching so this week I cut out the bodies in black for all the butterflies, and got them pinned on. I will work on them at home in the evenings when we sit in the living room and Don reads to me - or at work over the next few weeks. I have to figure out some way to get the antennae drawn on evenly. I will use the blue water soluble pen for marking - perhaps I will have to make some sort of template to trace around - maybe out of plastic.

I'll post pictures of the butterflies next time.

Hope your days are full of quilts and sunshine.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Wow! You are on the ball! As usual, I am trying to get organized--an elusive state of life for me, it seems. Today is my third day off I have had in over a year (I work at a quilt shop where DH and I have a sewing machine dealership) so I am trying to scrape the surface off the many layers of funk and clutter in our basement! I love these blocks--card trick is one of my favorites!

Joan said...

Beautiful blocks and aren't you smart to get them all done and ready to ship as needed. I enjoyed coming to your blog for the first time and will be back often!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Those are lovely blocks! I love your approach as well.
Neat blog!

BusybeeDebQuilts said...

Beautiful blocks! I love the variations of shofly that you did ... beautiful in the batiks!

And, can't wait to see the butterfly quilt ... thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be back to see your progress.