Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm a little late posting - but for the most part we had a grand time. Our youngest daughter and her family were the only ones in town - they came over in the evening and we barbecued and had delicious fun.

On a sadder note - our oldest daughter and her family were in Olympia - her mother-in-law had passed away the day before - after a long and painful struggle with several cancers. Our thoughts were with them all during that time.

For dessert that night we had a "sparkling" dessert - shortcake with whipped cream and mixed berries. Delicious and fun to look at.

There was a baseball game going on - Mostly Jahn and his pop - lots of throwing, hitting, running and laughing. Jahn is a most generous boy -never complains when it is not his turn, is glad to share anything with anybody and has fun whether he is hitting the ball - chasing the ball or falling down in a pile of laughter.

Good Pitch!!!

Jahn loved opening his 4th of July goodie bag - so many fun things in it. A glider that actually flew very well

And sparklers - which he shared with everyone - counting them out to make sure that everyone had an equal number.

The weather was good - at long last - seems that summer has come. It is only getting up to the low 70s during the day - and down to the high 50s at night - but we will take it - after all the rain of this spring - any sunny day is grand. I must get outdoors and hoe the flower beds - they seem to be growing weeds at an alarming rate.

Nothing much quilty to mention - I've been meaning to get busy on the butterfly quilt again - but so far it has eluded me. I did get a nice stack of GFG flowers made while at work this week, and have the vines pinned and partly appliqued so the flowers can go on soon. I'll post pictures when I actually make some progress.

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