Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We purchased our new carpet in April - and then had the closet doors remodeled so they would be done before the new carpet arrived. Who knew it would take so long for this project to be completed. While moving the bookcase in the den we found a wet, soggy wall behind it - and had to have a contractor come out and inspect it to see what the problem was.

He determined that the enclosure around the tub was leaking into the wall during our showers because there was no caulking at all in the corners of the enclosure - leaving a space for the water to run into the wall. The water damage shows that this had happened before - and the sellers had to have known that this wall got wet. The house had been empty long enough before we bought it that the wet had dried up and they had repainted the wall to hide the damage. The contractor caulked the seams and the water stopped running into the wall and it dried up quickly enough so that the carpet could be installed. The contractor is coming back next week to fix the damage - not the ideal situation, but there wasn't time to get it done before the installation, and not delay the date - which had been delayed twice already - and we wanted the carpet installed!!
Now at last - the new carpet is in - the installers have been back and fixed the things they did wrong and the closet support they broke in the linen closet (actually fixed things THREE times before they got it right) - but they finally did it to my satisfaction and we are walking on clouds.

Literally - the new carpet is so much thicker and softer you just can't help but walk in your bare feet. Ahhh the luxury. And the color is wonderful. No more dark green!!!!! Ben says it is Khaki color - and I think he's right. It is the perfect color for our house.

BEFORE - DINING ROOM - look at that dark green carpet!


The table, chairs and sideboard have been in my family now for four generations. The grandsons will make five generations. When I was 6 our family moved to Alaska and my parents had this dining room set. Of course it was too big to take along - they had inherited it from my grandparents, who inherited it from my great-grandparents. Since it was too large to take to Alaska in the late 50s my parents stored it at my grandparent's house in central California. My grandmother told them they would have to pay $150.00 if they wanted to leave it there - since it had been hers and they never paid for it when they got it. They paid the money - and left the dining room set along with other pieces of furniture.

Many years later my parents (they had moved back to Central California again) went back to retrieve the set, after I was married and had children of my own. My grandmother told my mom to pay $150.00 for the set, since it had belonged to my grandmother and she would sell it to my parents. To not cause a fuss, my mother paid the $150.00 and took the set to their house in California. Later, my mom moved back to Alaska, and at that time, took the dining set with her, and when my grandmother found out she was taking it, she insisted that my mom pay her another $150.00 - because the set "actually" belonged to my grandmother. Again - my mom paid the $150.00 and off to Alaska she went.

Again - fast forward - my kids are all grown and moved away from home except the youngest one and my mom offers to give us the dining room set. Problem-it is in Alaska, and we are in N. California. So my mom has the dining set packed professionally in a big wooden box, along with a marble topped dresser that had also belonged to my great grandparents. Onto a barge the big wooden box went, and we waited and waited for it to arrive - excited to once again see the dining set, and we had just moved into an old house that had a lovely dining room and no furniture. Nothing arrived - we called the barge company - my mom called the barge company - we tried to find the dining set.

Then one day she gets a phone call - from the barge company - the big wooden box is in FLORIDA - now to get there it had to go all the way around through the Panama Canal - after traveling down the coast of the US Mexico - so back on the barge it goes - and back through the Canal - and up to Northern CA.

Finally - after months and months the big wooden box arrives - and a truck is hired to bring it out to our house. The box is about 9 feet tall and 10 feet square - almost big enough for a small bedroom in some houses. It is sitting atop the bed of a truck - no lift gate - no forklift to pluck it off and set it on the ground. The driver says - No Problem!!! I'll just shove the box to the back of the flat bed - and then drive forward really fast and it will drop harmlessly to the ground.

Oh noooooooooooo - I run into the bedroom - dive onto the bed and cover my head with pillows. I don't want to hear the crash when it all shatters to a million pieces. Don comes in soon and taps me on the shoulder - he is grinning - he's not supposed to be grinning - he should be tearing his hair out. The box has dropped to the ground - I felt the house shake when it hit - and they have opened it and everything is safe and sound - even the marble top to the dresser is safe.

Who would have guessed you could do that? So we began unpacking all the wonderful pieces - filling our dining room in our 1888 house with wonderful memories - and we didn't even have to pay $150.00 to anyone for the set. While unpacking the big wooden box, everyone going by (we lived in a very small town) - would ask us if we were moving out - and many asked if they could buy our house. When the big wooden box was empty a neighbor asked if he could have it for a play house for his kids. We were happy to be rid of the big wooden box - he hooked a chain to it - and with his tractor he dragged it off down the street - digging a nice little rut in the pavement with one of the corners of the big wooden box.
Since that time the dining room set has moved from that house to a smaller house out in the country, near that same town, to a storage unit here in Bellingham, WA while we hunted for a house, to a big house in the country while we looked for a house to buy, to our oldest daughter's new house (and they didn't have to pay $150.00 either), to another house we rented out in the country, when they decided to redecorate when Ben was born and didn't have room for the dining set and all the baby furniture needed for a newborn - and finally to our new house here in January of this year. Its last move!!!! It is solid oak and very heavy - plus you can't pick the table up by the top - because the bottom braces are so heavy they tend to pull the top away from the legs and braces, so it is painful to reach under the edge and pick the table up
by the supports.

Our living room furniture does not have such a strange history - it is just living room furniture - but is certainly does look great on the new carpet.



AND ONE MORE VIEW OF THE PRETTY LIVING ROOM. So - do you think the new carpet looks grand????
It was a huge chore to get everything moved out of the rooms (we had four rooms carpeted) and then back in - and then to have to deal with Lowes to get them to make sure the installers fixed everything they did wrong or broke while doing the installation - but certainly worth the wonderful new carpet. We still have to carpet the back hallway and guest/toy room and put laminate flooring in the studio - but that is for another time - we have to recuperate from this project. Moving the stuff out of the studio is not going to be fun - it is packed full in here - but it will be nice to be rid of the dark green carpet everywhere in the house.

If you are remodeling or having carpet laid - I sympathize - but hang in there - it is well worth all the hassle!!!



ancient one said...

Yes, your new carpet looks great. I also love your collection of blue and green glass. That is such a cute story of your grandmother making your mom pay for that same furniture so many times.

Love your blog!

Teresa said...

WOW....what a history your dining room table has. You should print out that blog post and tape it to the bottom of the table so the history is kept for generations to come. Your carpet is very nice and yes, we will be doing the same within the next year...if we ever finish with the kitchen!

Christine Thresh said...

The story about your dining room table is fascinating. I am glad it survived all of the moves (and being dumped off the end of a truck).
Your new carpet makes everything look great.
Our dining room table is a much later copy of your table. Not solid oak, but nice anyway. I rescued it from a storage room where I worked. It was piled high with boxes and files. I didn't have to pay anything, they just said, "Get it out of here."
I did a lot of quilt basting on it until I finally got my new space.

Daybreak*Dawning said...

Thanks for sharing your table story! KalamaQuilts

Sunny said...

Your carpet looks wonderful. It really brightens up the place. I had to leave a comment after reading about your dining table. Too funny.