Saturday, July 26, 2008


I found this idea on Beverly's blog and followed several of her links to read and enjoy the Pinks. Such pretty ideas - such pretty pictures and sentiments.

I thought I'd try my hand at it - as pink is one of my favorite flower colors. I don't have much pink in my house - unless you include pinks in my quilts. Then I have a lot!!

At first I thought I'd have trouble coming up with pink - but look what I found!!!

My first quilt for our oldest daughter. I got the pattern from the newspaper and did the embroidery in variegated pinks - set the blocks together with Pink Gingham - I love the little spring hats on the animals.

The ad from the newspaper for the quilt pattern. I paid 49 cents plus one stamp for the pattern.

And another quilt I made for her - little baby animals again!

I reproduced the quilt on the left - for our oldest daughter's family one christmas. The Bubble Gum Pink - or Double Pink - so popular when Don's great aunts made the original quilt was hard to find at the time I made the reproduction - but once I found it I was able to make this lovely quilt that can be used - instead of just placed for display like the older version, that is worn and shabby from years of use.

A close up of the reproduction quilt - this was made using all Civil War reproduction fabrics.

Next - a close up of the quilting on a hand appliqued quilt I made in the 90s. It is dedicated to Don's Aunt Mary - who handed down the Flying Geese quilt to us years ago. This is the spring quilt we use on our bed.

And a quilt I plan to make soon. I saw one of these quilts - made from kits from the 40s and 50s. I loved the kits as a kid and always wanted one - but couldn't save up the 9.98 needed for the kit - there always seemed to be something else that I just "had" to have instead. I found this complete kit on ebay - for 51.00 - and won it - so soon I will start on the applique. The backing and batting is not included in the kit - but the light pink binding is, plus it is marked for quilting - this is going to be fun.
I hand paint fabric - and make photo-sensitive prints on the fabric - this piece of pink, using wild bleeding heart leaves, is one of my favorites.

And of course pink flowers - on our way to nearby Mt. Baker we often see fireweed growing alongside the roads and creeks. Tradition has it that when the Fire Weed has bloomed to the top, then summer is finished - I hope these take a long, long time to finish blooming.

And we can't ignore the Foxgloves growing wild along the hillsides beside the road. The story is that the name came from "Folks' Gloves" - because the Wee Folks would wear the flowers for gloves at their fancy balls in the woods.

Hillsides of them growing - in pinks and white - just lovely, and plenty of "gloves" for all the Wee Folks.

A pink rose - growing in the Heron Preserve in Chilliwack, BC - so delicately beautiful - and oh the scent!!

Don buys me flowers every week - or whenever the last bouquet is done - and these gladiolas were for the 4ht of July. They just say summer!!!!

I hope you've enjoyed my jaunt through Pink Saturday - I've had fun discovering how much I have around me that is pink.


Beverly said...

JoAnn, I am so glad you decided to participate. I added your link to my post.

Your pinks are all beautiful. The quilts area amazing, and the flowers are wonderful.

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday.

Dawn said...

You have shared a lovely collection of pinks today. I am in awe of all of your quilts. You do beautiful work! The flowers are beautiful.

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Joy said...

Your quilts are tremendous. My favorite being the very first one.

ellen b said...

You are a talented lady to make such beautiful quilts. I love all your flower photos too! Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful quilts! How talented you are...
Kathy (

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Happy pink Saturday! Those are some incredibly beautiful quilts! I especially love the appliqued quilt! Beautiful flowers too!


Margie said...

Gorgeous quilts! they are all lovely, but my favorite is the first one, the little baby quilt, so adorable! And the flowers are beautiful too! I hope you are enjoying your first Pink Saturday! I'm glad you're here!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What gorgeous quilts you make!! I especially love the first one that you made for your daughter!

Angelic Accents

Rose said...

Joann, this was a really nice post. All of the quilts are so pretty, you do very nice work. Do you happen to know the name of the block that you used in the quilt that you use on your bed in spring. I just love that pattern and I've never seen it before anywhere else.

Your wild flowers are beautiful. I would love to have them blooming in my cottage garden!