Sunday, November 16, 2008


While at the thrift stores yesterday I found two bags of vintage buttons. They were 1.99 each bag and I couldn't resist getting both of them. I could see that there were some wonderful buttons in each bag.
First Bag o' Buttons

Second Bag o' Buttons

Some of the special buttons I picked from each bag.

They filled a quart and a pint - lovely buttons! Can't you just imagine the wonderful coats and sweaters that these buttons were on? The lovely little dresses for lovely little girls, and shirts and jackets for the boys. A jar full of buttons is a jar full of memories.

I have them sitting out on the dining room table - so I can enjoy them before I start using them in some special fairy projects I want to do.

I love thrift shops - what are some of the wonderful things you have found at the thrift shop?


craftyhala said...

I'll bet you got the ones I went looking for!

craftyhala said...

Have you ever visited the Button Floozies blog?

They have decided that Nov 16-23 is International Button Week.

Teresa said...

I too love buttons! I have a big clear glass cookie jar that is full of them and I must admit, sometimes I like to just dump them into a sheet cake pan and look through them. I have some of the same ones you just purchased.

My favorite find at a thrift store is a glass casserole dish. I think it is called a lasagna pan as it is very deep and sides are straight. I love to look at the books in thrifting stores.

PAT said...

Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch. Your trees sound wonderful.

We have a couple of storage containers with many keepsake ornaments and the ones the kids made when they were little. We put that tree up, two years ago, in the hearth room. This year we put a smaller tree in there and moved the big one to the living room. We have so many of those ornaments from long ago, it takes a long time to put that tree together! So decided to go with a bit easier tree, this year. In the next week or two, I'll post our trees from the past couple of years. I think the keepsake tree will be among those pictures.

I hope you post your trees and let me know. I'd love to see them.

gemma said...

How cool that you connected with my friend Mahala. She made some cool bracelets with vintage buttons.Maybe you saw those. I love thrift stores too. I look for old books to alter among other things.:-)