Saturday, November 15, 2008


You just can't keep us away from the thrift shops. Today we started out to do some birthday and christmas shopping. We have 5 birthdays between now and Jan - so there are lots of presents this time of the year. Our first stops are always the thrift shops - and then we go the the "regular" stores.

We went to the thrift shops in the next town south of Bellingham - Mt. Vernon, WA - and the prices are about half in those shops than in the ones in Bellingham.

I also got 7 more Santas - each one cuter than the last. Ben is really going to have fun when he sees those.

Santa Paddington

All the guys - from both days of shopping - and I didn't spend 15.00 for them all!!! I love thrift shops!!

We found the Fisher Price Family House for Ben - I had been pricing them and they are a bit spendy - but when we walked into Value Village - there was one for 4.99 - I couldn't believe my eyes. I had just been telling Don about the house and how Ben was asking for a house for all his Little People. I can't wait until his birthday in early December to give him the house. Now to find a good hiding place.

We also found a small pirate boat - that makes noise and drives itself - a tractor and a tow truck - all for the FP Little People - and a farm truck and a school bus that sings and honks and talks. Oh the cute things they make for kids these days.

We were looking for something scientific for Jahn - like a science kit, or astronomy kit, but didn't find anything. There is a special toy store in Bellingham that would probably have such a thing. We already have a car repair/painting garage for Hot Wheels, set-up for Jahn, and two nice books on science - plus some great stocking stuffers. We did most of his shopping earlier, and his birthday was in September.

I found a pair of shore bird statues that I really like - even though they are painted in the awful pink and turquoise of the 80s. I am going to repaint them in realistic colors and then they will fit nicely in our house.

Before pictures- I'll show the after pix when they are painted

We stopped at Hallmark and got two darling ornaments - but I'll wait until after we give them to the kids at Thanksgiving to post photos - just in case "someone" is reading this blog.

After a nice lunch at Royal Fork Buffet we headed to the outlet stores and got two pair of nice trousers for Don at Van Huesen, and four dessert plates to match my chutney corelle - at the Corning Ware/Corelle Outlet - (we keep running out of small plates before the dishwasher is full) and another birthday present that I can't tell you about until after Tuesday - but it is something fun. Then to Hickory Farms and more birthday presents - more secrets - I love shopping and secrets.

I got some white felt and some stretchy gold elastic for another craft project I am going to make - coffe cup holders - quilted even. At last something quilty to report. And I got some golf tees that will be used in pincushions - now doesn't that make you curious???

And that was our shopping day - we were glad to be home and rest our weary feet - but happy for all the things we'd bought. Many things off our christmas list.

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Dorothy said...

JoAnn, you must have much better thrift shops in your area, than we do here! You've found some great santas.