Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yesterday was a fun day - the mail carrier came by TWICE - seems he forgot one package the first time he was here.

Ben was here and we had so much fun opening the packages. First came a package from Judy - she had a drawing for her 200th post - and I won it!!! If you haven't been to Judy's blog yet - do stop in and visit a bit. She has wonderful quilts to show you - and some of the prettiest fall colors I've seen this year.

The package was a suprise - she didn't tell us what would be in it - and she stuffed it full.

There was a big stack of things - fun stuff from her craft and sewing room - oh what fun I'll have. Under all of the pretties was the loveliest knit dishrag - I just adore using them, but don't make them for myself - I could, but I just don't. :-)

And she included a packet of lacey note cards - perfect for those holiday notes.

A package of bits and pieces and embellishments - each thing prettier than the next - so many possibilities.

A little reindeer cross stitch kit - I haven't done x-stitch in years, my fingers are just itching to get at this and get it finished up by the holidays.

A bag of buttons and beads - and one little angel face in there - under the center blue button so you can't see it very well. Judy makes the faces herself - she also makes button fairies and here are some of hers
I can't wait to start on making some of my own - the buttons and beads are a good start. Aren't her button fairies darling?

Just about the time Ben and I got settled down from digging through Judy's box - here comes the mail carrier back - with another box - now we are excited again.

This box is from Julie at A Celtic Lady Blog - and we know, sort of, what is going to be in it - a punkin headed girl. Oh the fun - tear open the packaging, take out the packing - unroll the bubble wrap (snap a few bubbles) and there she is - Punk Headed Girl, with a cat!!! Julie had a drawing for those who voted on her Fire Fancies Challenge - and again - I won!!! How can I be so lucky.??!!

Here is my Punkin Headed Girl - with her kitty with a bow. Ben just loves her - and I do too - and he has taken her to show to anyone who comes in the door. He's extra careful when he holds her - he said because she is so special and she came in the mail from Miss Julie. What a sweet little boy he is.

So our happy busy box-opening day has come to an end - but I will have all these fabulous things to play with and enjoy for a long time to come. The Punkin Headed Girl will be the firs thing I put out each fall - she is so very sweet.

I'm off to make some button fairies - I have the wire - and now I have buttons and a face and beads - and I got some wings the other day when I was out.


Julie said...

What fun to win not once, but twice! Lucky you! Enjoy your winnings!

Teresa said...

Congratulations! Lovely gifts.

Judy said...

I'm so glad you liked what I sent. It's hard to pick what to put in a prize box!! I love making and using the homemade dishclothes. I understand about the fingers itching to start a new project. :-)

Julie said...

I am so thrilled that you - and Ben - like the punkin headed girl. How cute that Ben showed her to everyone. I am glad she arrived in tip-top condition.