Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some Progress - and lists

I've been having a lot of fun - and some frustration - making the Bunny Easter Basket. I started by cutting two of the main pieces too small and had to go to Michaels and get more plastic canvas. Lucky for me they carry the canvas with the smaller holes.

I've been stitching some every day and I have the four main pieces of the house done. Tonight I cut out the rest of the pieces of the house - the roof, dormers, chimney and fence. The smaller parts will go faster now that they are all cut out.

I didn't get in much stitching today - I spent most of the day working on my list. I had 18 items on it - and got 16 1/2 of them done, so I think that is pretty good progress.

I love lists. I mostly make them to help me to remember things, but they also serve as a reminder that I actually go something done. I use backs of envelope, printer paper that has been printed on one side and I no longer need what was on there, backs of store receipts if it for nothing that I would need to return. I like to recycle paper as many times as possible before it goes to the recycling bin. I will tear a small list off and use the rest of the piece of paper for another list - until the piece is so small there is no room to write anything else. Here is part of my list for today - and wait until you see how I made that list - we are going to have some fun!!!

"Things to do while Ben isn't here"

* Organize BOMs
* Transfer BOMs to fabric
* Turn on fan in shed - gotta get rid of that moisture
* Cut out plastic pieces
* Straighten living room
* Make Iced tea
* Prep packages for mailing
* Photograph items for blog
* Wash candle holders
* Put in new candles
* Dry laundry
* Fold laundry
* Type notes for scrapbook
* Set clock on camera

Now the secret is out about what an exciting life I lead!! :-)

If you like to make lists - here is something fun -tadalists - you can make lists like the one I made for today - and they email it to you to print out. You could use this list making site for lists of places to visit while on vacation, things to pack for vacation, groceries (you can continue adding items once the list is started), chores to do around the yard, guests to invite to your birthday party, presents you want to buy for christmas, there is no end to the things you can list.

Once I make a tadalist and print it out - then I can continue to use that same paper for hand printed lists. I love lists. Big lists, short lists, hard-to-do lists, quick and simple lists - I love lists.

I started making lists early in my life. At first my lists were just scribbles, only meaning something to me - and then I discovered printing!!! I was really in business then. My main list was of names. I wrote down all the names I could think of, or any that I had heard or knew - and then as I met people I would cross off the name. Sometimes I would meet somone whose name was not on my list and I could add that one to the list. I kept that list for years, it was started in second grade.

My brothers and I would make lists together. One time we started a "medical supply" store, using stones, seashells, bits of wood or anything we could gather, and gave each item a medical name. Of course we had to make a list of all the medicines we carried in our store.

Another of my favorite lists was made while visiting friends. I grew up in Alaska and there were few books available to us outside of the correspondence course school books (now they call it home schooling). But our friends had a huge libary, hundreds of books, and a special room with a desk and shelves on all the walls. When we would go to visit them we would travel by boat and stay for about a week at a time. I loved to go into the library and make lists of the books. I wanted to read all of them, but they were not children's books and I was only in third grade, hard reading for someone so young, but I made a list and carried it with me for years - a list of the books I would read when I got older - and I did read some of those books. Once in a while I run across a book and remember it from my list making days - and I will almost always read it, just because it was on my list. I've found some enjoyable books that way.

What kind of lists do you make? Do you cross things off? Do you save your lists? Do your lists chase you around the house and nag you until you get everything done or are they friendly and let you work at your own pace? I love lists!!


Julie in the Barn said...

I do make lists but not for everything. I make a list when I go out to run errands so I don't forget something like "get stamps." I have a list on the front of the fridge of staples we have run out of for the next trip to the grocery store. I sometimes make a list of items to pack when going on a trip but generally I always take the same stuff so I really don't need that list. I list the books I've read during the year because every January I attend a book lover's party where we all exchange copies of our lists for new inspiration. My computer bookmark function is full of lists: favorite blogs, quilt ideas, tutorials, travel sites, etc. I guess I do actually have lots of lists!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I LOVE lists! I make lists for everything, sometimes I put something I have done on the list just so I can mark it off the list!! I tell my family if it is not on the list, it will not happen!!!!

JoyceAnn said...

I keep track of my all life with list , love them.

To Do List

Grocery List

Errands List

Goal List

Party Planning List

Future Things I want to Do List

Reminder to Pay Bill List

...... I like you , try to use recycled paper for daily list , some are in notebooks.

My Mom makes list and my daughters make list , it's a family tradition (lol).

~ Many Blessings ~

belinda said...

*LOL*....this was a VERY interesting post Joann...I don't so much make lists, but I do have numerous notebooks, loose pages that are full of idea notes..drawings of ideas I see or that pop into my head....I found a smaller steno notepad the other day and was amazed at what I had drawn on the pages from years and years ago......I also jot down cute sayings or quotes.......and I draw out quilt, there you are!

Karen said...

Oh boy! Don't get me started about lists. I love lists! My purse is full of lists. I have about 30 to-do list notepads and I make lists of things in blank journals. Lots of lists!!