Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oooh What Pretty Fabric

I had a chance to buy some fabrics the other day, from a Picasa photo album - and I jumped at the chance. Someone had listed photos of fabrics they had for sale, with descriptions and prices (2.00 and 3.00 a yard for really nice cotton fabrics) Several of the pieces already have projects assigned to them - the others just seem to be too pretty to pass up.

These go with the seat covers on the dining room chairs.

Seat cover fabric - don't you just love it??!!??
I know - apples in Washington - probably overdone sometimes - but I love the fabrics. I am going to make some potholders to start with - not sure what else I will make - any great ideas? Since I don't need new chair seat covers - those are out - - - thinking - thinking - - -

And the fabric goes so well with my Corelle Chutney dishes

I needed some small christmas prints for my ornaments that I made earlier this year. I want to send one with each christmas card next year. These two fabrics seemed perfect.

And here are three fun fabrics - the corn is for a Crow quilt I am gathering fabrics for

This is part of the pattern for the quilt - I just love crows!!!

The middle batick fabric could go in christmas ornaments or stars like Belinda lured me into making - and the bottom fabric with multi stars is just so darn cute I couldn't resist it.

And then here is the yarn and plastic canvas I bought last weekend - these are colors that I need for the lighthouse project .

You can get plastic canvas books for any project you could imagine at this ebay site - she has lovely things to choose from - and so many choices!

It was fun to get the package of fabric - Ben was here (our four year old grandson) - and we had just finished binding a quilt when the package of fabric arrived. He looked at the quilt and then at the fabric and said "Grammy, you are quite an expert on quilts". That little boy just melts your heart!!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi!! I wanted to pop over and say Thank you for posting the nice comment on my blog...I love all the fabrics! It looks like you have a lot of fabrics lined up for them!

Nice to meet a new neighbor!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

oowww, did you get some wonderful fabric, love the corn!!

Teresa said...

You did GOOOOOOD! The fabric look great with your dishes. Looks like you had fun with your shopping.

craftyhala said...

Love the fabrics and crows too! My maiden name is Crow, so it's a given!

JoyceAnn said...

Great fabrics , still haven't found my stash , although I haven't had much time to search.
Your grandson son sounds like a wise little fellow.

Enjoyed reading about your thrift store finds , those books sound wonderful.

Your post about tree spirits was my favorite read this week , great post. It's amazing what nature can do for the soul.

~ Blessings ~

Rowan said...

Looks as though you did well with the fabrics, especially like the Christmas ones. I've done a lot of cross-stitch but never tried doing it on plastic canvas. I really like those lighthouses though and they would fit in with my grandson's nautical themed room. Hmmmm! May have to think abouit trying it!

Christine Thresh said...

You are an expert on grandsons, too. What a cute comment he made. I love the corn fabric -- I have some also.