Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping Saturday

After our wonderful walk on Saturday morning - we headed off to the thrift stores in Burlington. The sun came out just as we were leaving the lake and the day sparkled from the fog that had clung to the bare trees.

The first store we stopped at had a few good things - and here they are.

Some plastic boxes for storage and for projects - I just love plastic boxes. . .

A tiny little vase - for violets - or feathers

The little pottery holder on the right was given to us by a very special friend. The feathers are ones we have collected over a couple of years. Here's a hint for those saving feathers - put them in a zip bag in the freezer for two weeks - it will kill all the mites that will, over time, destroy the feather and those it comes into contact with. We used this method in a museum where I volunteered - for the baskets.

And a Micky Mouse pancake mold - Ben likes pancakes for breakfast on his early days here - he asks for Grammy pancakes - which are homemade instead of the frozen ones. I can't wait until he sees the Micky Mouse.

Then on to the Salvation Army - where I found a few yarn colors that I need for my next plastic canvas project. The patterns are so much nicer now than when it was first a popular craft - more intricate and delicate designs.

And a lovely hydrangea pillow for the living room - so now I have enough throw pillows for the living room. I was slowly changing them and this one completes it for now.

And a christmas throw pillow - this will go in the storage bins until next year - but first I shall attack and remove that fringe - I'm not a fringe kind of gal I guess. I love the bird houses and the garlands and tree. The pillows were on special 50% off - I got both pillows for 3.50. Not bad!!! And they look brand new.

We do a family ornament exchange every Thanksgiving and I found this cute little Tigger ornament for our son - he just loves Tigger.

And then to the last Thrift Store for the day

A darling book - wonderful poems that I know the boys will enjoy - I certainly do.

And a bedtime stories book - Winnie the Pooh - everyone's favorite.

A book about a girl that was touched by a falling crow feather and could fly - a simply delightful andventure.

And a book for Grammy - this is a book about a farm - Seven Gates Farm - the decorating, crafting and gardening that they do there - it is a book to be enjoyed with a cup of tea and a scone on a wintery, blustery day. Enchanting.

Some cookbooks for our daughter who collects - and cooks from - the little cookbooks made by organizations - 4H - granges - churches - schools, etc.

I couldn't resist these two old Betty Crocker cookbooks for her. Notice the 1.00 original price tag on the Outdoor Cookbook - I paid 1.99 for it on Saturday. At one time I had the bisquick cookbook - got it for a wedding present - and she will find lots of fun recipes in here.

Some steak knives to match our silverware - I didn't even know they made steak knives in this pattern . . .

For the boys - a spiral racetrack. This should keep them entertained on Friday when they are both here. Jahn and his family are moving into their new home on Friday and he will spend the day with me while the furniture is loaded and unloaded - and Ben is here on Fridays already so they will have some fun together. This race track has roaring car sound effects - what fun!!!

And a cash register that talks and does all sorts of fun things. I'll have to save up some empty boxes for them to play store with.

That was our trip - fun to dig around in the thrift stores now and then and get some new things to entertain the boys and some new things for our home - new to us anyway. And the total cost of all that we got was 23.18 - not a bad day - and then we went to lunch at our favorite buffet and then took a ride through the foothills on the way home - a delightful day. Have you found some great treasures at the Thrift Stores lately?


Rowan said...

Looks like you had a really good day - the books look great especially the Seven Gates Farm one - must look out for that, it's my kind of thing.

Dorothy said...

Great finds,JoAnn! I especially like those plastic bins you found.
We have one or two thrift shops in town that I'll have to check out.

Jeanne said...

Fun treasures! I have the Seven Gates Farm book, it's lovely to browse through!
Jeanne :)

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

wow did you find a lot of great things, I never find anything!!