Sunday, January 4, 2009

Have I Got An Ornament For You

I was going through the holiday decorations and came across this little ornament - hiding down in one of the tins that we store ornaments in. I made it probably in 1996 or 1997 - can't remember exactly when - or where I got the pattern. It could have been one of those projects a few of us Prodigy members worked on - online - with each other.

It is so simple, almost all folded fabrcis, a little stitching, yet gives the look of taking a lot of work. I like things like that. So below is the tutorial. I've never done one before - so bear with me.

This shows how the front of the ornament is made of folded triangles.

This could also be done in spring colors and used on an egg tree for the springtime. I'm sure others will come up with more good ideas for it.

4 or 5 chrismtas fabrics - small print - two light - two dark - and one backing fabric
4" of very thin ribbon


Cut FIVE 3" squares of your favorite christmas fabric. Four are for the front - and one is for the back - so you can repeat one of the fabrics if you like - or cut all five different.

Step 2
Cut a 4" piece of ribbon for the hanger - I used 1/8" ribbon

Step 3

Fold the ribbon in half and pin in one corner of the backing - make sure the folded part faces inward so no ribbon is hanging over the edges

Step 4

Fold four of the sqares in half - diagonally - and press lightly

Step 5

Arrange the two light triangles on the right side of the backing - across from each other - edges matching

Step 6

"Weave in" one of the dark fabrics - keeping edges even. To weave in - lift the corner of one of the light triangles and put half the dark traingle under the light one.

Step 7
"Weave in" the last of the dark fabrics - repeating the process in Step 6

Step 8
Pin the edges together - making sure that they are even

Step 9

Stitch completely around the ornament - you DO NOT have to leave an opening for turning. Pivot the stitching at each corner when the fabrics change. I use a bit larger than 1/4" seam to make sure the edges are all caught in the stitching.

Step 10
Trim the corners to the stitching. Turn right side out through the folded triangle section. Push the corners out with a dull pencil to make them square.

Press ornament so it is nice and even.

Back of one ornament - fancy eh?

You can make this with larger squares but in my opinion it seems to be a little floppy if it is larger.

Step 11

Hang up your ornament and contragulate yourself on such a fine job.

I prefer the better contrast in this ornament, but at this time of year there are not many christmas fabrics in the stores and I don't have a stash - - -

You could also use different decorating schemes - like the pretty blue/silver that is so popular - or pink/burgundy - even all greens in different shades would be pretty.

I hope you enjoy this little ornament as much as I enjoyed making it for you. If I left anything out - or your have any questions - feel free to ask.


Quilt Pixie said...

cute idea. Thanks for showing how its done :-)

belinda said... go girl!!! Look at you with that tutorial!! I think you did very good. This is a pretty cute ornament and doesn't look too difficult to do!
I'm off to's midnight for me......

Purple Pam said...

I like your ornament. I must try one. It looks fast and colorful - my kind of thing. I wish I had seen it before I did my 60+ mini quilts! Maybe next year?

Granny Lyn said...

What a great way to use up some of those Christmas scraps!! I have made a similar pattern with batting for coasters, so easy!! thanks for the tute!!

Anonymous said...

How delightful. You are very talented. Sewing and me don't go together but to see this does give me a little much needed inspiration.

CJ xx