Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something new to play with

We all remember the craze of plastic canvas stitching in the 70s and 80s - right? Right - you remember - you even did some - come on, admit it - we all had fun with it. :-) Well I've gone and done it - I've started some plastic canvas stitching - and I love it!!!

I was at my favorite thrift store and this cute Easter Bunny House kit just called my name - and it was cheap cheap cheap - so of course, I couldn't resist. I started cutting out the pieces yesterday at work (remember my cushy job where I spend 10 hours at work and only have about enough work to fill 8 hours?) and of course I cut two major pieces wrong - too small. Drat - and I had counted over and over - and still counted wrong. At least it isn't hard to find replacement plastic canvas to cut those two parts out again.

Then I started stitching - and it is so much fun. I have one end of the house almost done now. Ben loved it when he saw it - his mommy is making plastic canvas stuff too - she once made an entire two story dollhouse with tons of furniture, and vehicles - all of plastic canvas. She's making a Halloween house right now.

I was having so much fun with the easter bunny house that I decided to have a look around on ebay - figuring I'd find a few patterns, or leaflets - oh wow - are there ever a lot. My favorite ebay store is Sillygirl914 - I had such a good time shopping there. Jerri even let me borrow the photos from her site so I could show you all the pretties that I bought. I just couldn't help myself.
First thing - I had to have these crows and watermelons - I just had to! Two of my favorite things - we used to have a mailbox that I painted like a big piece of watermelon - it was certainly easy to find our house. And who wouldn't want a crow to hold their recipes - or some crows picking at the tissues on the kitchen counter? Or crows protecting your coffee filters? These are just too darling.

Then these little birdhouse ornaments called to me . . .

And these little birdhouse ornaments . . .

And of course these little birdhouse ornaments - are you sensing a theme here? I have lots of bird and birdhouse christmas ornaments and these will make it so I can have a small tree in the kitchen with only birds and birdhouses - getting ready for next year already. Only 334 days till christmas!!!

Jerri's booklets are priced on only 1.75 each - the books are just a little bit more but not that spendy at all.

Then I found this lighthouse set - perfect for my cousin. I've got birthday, anniversary, christmas and any other holiday covered for a couple years. There are things in this book for the bedroom (where she has the ocean themed quilt I made for her), for the bathroom, living room and kitchen. A super bargain.

And then there are the pattern books that are still on my wishlist - might get them - might not -well.... maybe

Oh such cute baskes - so many choices. This is on my "probably" list!!

This is on my postively will get list - gonna bid on this baby - I just must win it!!! Everyone needs a troll house - or a fairy house. Wonder if I can make this waterproof somehow and use it in the garden? Such darling little things. Do they still sell the troll dolls?

Oh my - just typed in troll doll in ebay - there are 1736 results - who knew? There is even an Obama supporter troll - he has on a cute little blue T-shirt with "Obama" on the front. Guess that answered my question - yes they do still sell troll dolls. Not sure I'll put troll dolls in this - maybe some fairy dolls if I can find some small ones. (no offense, trolls)

And this one - maybe . . . maybe . . . oh look at those darling towels - more gifts for sure.

If you want to join in the fun - go visit SillyGirl - and pick from over 1,000 plastic canvas pattern books and leaflets. Plus she has hundreds of other project books - lots of cute stuff to tempt you. I know she would appreciate your business - and I'll appreciate having someone else jumping into this with me.

Ready, set, stitch!!

So who else wants to do this - or what other craft have you recently indulged in - just because it was such fun!!!??!!!


Julie said...

OH MY Jo! Love, love, love birdhouses, I have my dining room decorated in that theme. I used to do plastic canvas and even still have some leaflets around in my "other crafts" boxes in my attic. I can't say I have time to start again with all the stitcheries too, but I will be delighted to watch your progress! What fun!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my gosh I use to love to work on canvis, I made a block with bells in it and it was toy. So much fun I will have to check it out, love the troll house, would like to bid but would NOT ever do that to a blogger, thanks, i am going to check out her sight!

belinda said...

Yeah....I remember these......

Lady of the Cloth said...

Looks like You're hooked, big time. Sounds like me and my quilting.