Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Christmas - and everything was just packed away

Well - that's what happens when you shop at JoAnn Fabrics and they have all the christmas stuff on sale for 90% off. That is almost free. I just couldn't help myself. Now that I know they have these sales after each holiday I am going to do my shopping the year before it is used - and enjoy the deals.

I got a darling primitive Santa for 2.49 - now that's a bargain. He is about 20 inches tall.

We do a family ornament swap every Thanksgiving and I got several ornaments for specific family members for next year. Cost - from 29 cents to 49 cents each. The ornaments are so "right" for the family members that I picked them out for.

A kitty frame to put Ben's christmas photo in on the tree.

And a cute star covered box ornament for Jahn's christmas photo.

And the christmas cards - aren't they darling - for just 2.00. They are a lot brighter but were still in the cellophane - kind of gives one an idea for a quilt.

This ornament was just too yummy to pass up - the colors sparkle. Don loves the lights on the tree, so this is an appropriate ornament for him. He puts all the lights on both trees each year.

And some ribbons - who doesn't need more ribbons? Wish I could have thought of more projects to use ribbons for - there were boxes and boxes and boxes of them - all at 90% off - many of them were the wired ones, but I just couldn't think of anything that I really needed ribbons for.

Have you ever seen these pipe cleaner garlands? I hadn't seen them before but I knew my teddy bear tree really needed them - each 9 foot length was 79 cents. Yay for bargains!!! I got three lengths of them.

And trays - one always needs a good tray at christmas - I got one for me and one for each of my daughters - we will serve in style next year - at 1.39 each!!

I had so much fun!


Cornfield Quilter said...

Wow! What wonderful bargains!!! I knew I should have stopped last weekend at JoAnn's when I had the chance. :=( I will definately know better next year! Great blog, will stop my more often. :D

belinda said...

Well...looks like you DID have fun!!!..good stuff!

Heidi said...

Sounds like going to JoAnn Fabrics is dangerous for you...lol! 90% is practically free as you said.

I loved reading about your own book collection. The journal with the woman knitting sounds fascinating. Is it a private journal or a published book?

Hugs ~

Melody said...

What wonderful bargains!

Sabina said...

Great coming along shopping with you - wonderful finds!!

Happy New Year!!


JoyceAnn said...

Great finds , I love the photo gift box ornament , sooo cute.

The quilt in your last post is beautiful , bright and cheerful.

~ Blessings ~