Monday, January 26, 2009

Come along - help me shop

Oh never mind - I seem to be doing just fine by myself. I seem to be able to get into all the trouble I need without your help - but thanks anyway.

I needed some neutrals for the BOMs that I've started - so off I went - to find some neutrals. First stop - found one - second stop found four - and then - look out!!!

I found some tone-on-tones for the Grandmother's Flower Garden. I try not to make too many of the same color "flowers" so I'm always on the lookout for more T-O-Ts - and just look what I found!!! Quarter yard cuts of each one.

Don't you just adore those swirlies - I can wait to cut into them and make some "flowers". And I bought them with our daughter standing right there with me - she was busy talking to her dad and never even noticed the fabrics I was picking - and they are for her quilt too.

And this lovely piece of music fabric - I don't know what I'll do with it but we all agreed it was too cute to leave all of it on the bolt. Got 1 1/2 yards of this.

And then I had to cruise through the JoAnn Fabrics still 90% off christmas stuff - and found the cutest santa. He has a spring inside him and you can push down on his head and he crumples up and then you let go and he springs up and jumps. When our kids were little - oh so many years ago - they had a monkey like this - with a spring - and he was called Jumpy Monkey - and now next year the grandsons will have a Jumpy Santa.

We picked up a few Fisher Price Little People and animals at Goodwill - and a basket to carry them in -

And a big tractor and wagon and horse - all Fisher Price Little People -

and a safari hut for them to live in - with two birds -

and some wooden clothespins to make people out of - the old fashioned looking kind - and some wooden balls just because they came in the same package as the clothes pins - things to go in the boys' craft basket -

and another woven checked tablecloth to make napkins out of. I've had several requests to make napkins for others - and since I have so much fun shopping for tablecloths at Goodwill, I am happy to make more napkins for whoever wants them. They save on paper and look so pretty.

I had so much fun!!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Please call me next time you go shopping, I can "fly" right over!!!
Boy, oh boy, did you have a fun day with so many goodies!!!

Franni said...

Jo you wear me out!

belinda said...

well girl....more 'fabric-ee' eye's all good, but I do love the first thought was.."wow, this would make great 'stars'"....the music fabric is fun too...I have a little bit of some musics, but not much...looks like you had a good day!

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

I have not exactly been on a fabric-restraining-order either *smile*

Little People....I need some of those too for Lily!

Sharyn said...

beautiful fabrics! And I LOVE my cloth napkins :)

Julie said...

What fun! I'm afraid to go to town for fear of shopping! LOL When I go Goodwill I look for wool items to felt, silk blouses for a project and my dishes. I will have to look for tablecloths now. I have totes and totes of toys so I manage to stay out of those! My kids are slightly younger than yours though!

Jackie Davis said...

Oh thanks for taking me along for a ride! I love the swirlies and the music fabric is great! My MIL is a musci teacher and I have some of her millions of book-bags to make a wall hanging andf I am hopeing to find music fabric for sashing. Very nice finds and you scored well with the FP People! Love them! *HUGS*

Dorothy said...

JoAnn, I'd say you had a successful day! The fabrics are gorgeous. I especially like the neutrals, but I guess I'm partial to them

Judy said...

Wow Jo, I love all the fabrics. I need to schedule a Goodwill day. You found some awesome stuff and your Joann's still has good Christmas stuff. Ours had nothing left but the garbage. :-)