Sunday, January 25, 2009

BOM Progress

I've got the first blocks of the three BOMs done. I am having so much fun with these.

I am using traditional christmas red and green for the Christmas Wish BOM, as all our decorations are in red and green.

I love the little snowman in the basket - from A Tisket A Tasket BOM - can't wait to see what the next basket will hold. Oops - just noticed that I forgot to put the buttons on the garland above the basket. I want to use some heart buttons and have to buy those yet - otherwise I could just use some red buttons that I have. I'll get them on soon - and next month you can see the snowman with buttons above his head.

And the sunshine - well what can I say - it is sunny. Get on over to the Friendship Flower BOM if you like this one.

Now everything is back in its little storage box waiting for next month. If you want to do any of these BOMs follow the links and have a great time. Leave a comment and we'll follow along with you.

Happy BOMs

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