Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Lovely Award - again

I am so late in acknowledging this wonderful award - given to me by Crispy. Maybe she wants to take it back now - nahhh, she's too sweet for that - but I'm sorry I have let this slip - I meant to post it earlier and it somehow shot right out of my poor ol' head. This is my second time to be given this award and it humbles me to think that my blog affects others this way.

This award is a blogger's recognition of great attitude . . .

ooops - not THAT kind of attitude - LOL

and/or gratitude . . .

I am supposed to pass this on to other bloggers -
*have talents that leave me in awe
*educate me and enhance my talents
*touch my heart and emotions
*remind me of home
*challenge me
*and those who quilt with me

I will think on who this award should go to - there are so many wonderful bloggers. So I will do my famous list - and go around to blogs and re-list and go to more blogs and re-re-list - until I have the final list. I sound like a basketball tournament. LOL.

I met Crispy because she was reading my blog about some of my friends who quilt. We get together for a day of quilting each month and I showed one quilt and named the maker. Crispy thought it was someone she had once been friends with and had lost contact with her. She wrote me an email - almost didn't send it - asking if it was the same person (she gave me a little background), and it WAS the same person. I gave the person Crispy's email and they got back in touch - I'm so happy to have been part of it. I know my friend is enjoying Crispy - and I certainly am - her blog is so much fun. So head over there and see her fabulous hand work - she is a hand quilter - amazing - while I think on my list of who I will sent this award to.

Thank you Crispy!!!

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Crispy said...

You are so welcome Jo. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and becoming fast friends.

Why is it, as we get older, the door in our head says EXIT LOL. Who stole my IN door????