Thursday, April 30, 2009

More give-aways - in addition to the donation quilt

We are so amazed at the generosity of those in quiltland and blogland when we shared with us in our need to raise money for Don's open heart surgery in September. If you missed it - read about it HERE.

And in the spirit of generosity - we have had many bloggers to post about this on their blog - and several have provided additional prizes to be given away in the drawing.

The prizes are . . .

A tablerunner - from Barb

A can Koozie of your choice, or one that is mongrammed from Franni (keeps your drink cold in the summer) -

A skein of Alpaca yarn, hand spun - from Linda

A Moda Jelly Roll - from Debi

Wouldn't you love to have any of these? Such generous new friends I have found through this time of stress and worry.

Because blogger is watching everyone's blog and has taken down blogs that have too many links to other blogs on them - they call them spamming blogs - I can no longer list all those wonderful people who have blogged about the opportunity quilt - what a shame. I can't risk having this blog taken down - and I am NOT spamming - so

Thanks to all who blogged about this event - we are ever grateful for your help and generosity. If you want to see some of the blogs - go to the comment section and many have left comments about blogging about this - you can visit from the comments section by clicking on their name.

And a big thank you to all who have donated - and blogged - and emailed - and prayed - and sent good vibes - or helped in any way - we appreciate each and every one of you.


Crispy said...

Wow great additional prizes Jo, quilters are the best!!


Julie said...


I posted about your raffle on my blog today (April 30). Good luck my friend!

Pat said...

It's been on my blog for several days, too...and yesterday I mailed out a check from me and included a check from Kaye (another quilting blogger) in that envelope, also. Prayers are being said, too. How nice that some others have sent items for you to use as part of the giveaway!

mermaid musings said...

i will email you for your address and my little help in the mail

Jackie Davis said...

Amazing for sure!! I am praying for the raising of funds and for Don's health and for you too!! *HUGS* I also saw and loved your sunshine in your quilt. SO very clever! I keep reading and love your blog. You have great photos and hold everything together well! you are amazing!
Jackie Davis