Sunday, July 26, 2009

And the winners are!!!!!

Here I am - finally. It's been a long day. Ben was here most of the day - and just went home. His parents were at the Seattle Mariners game - too bad they didn't have a winning game - but they had fun anyway.

So - the quilt - if I don't give the winner of the quilt first you are just going to scroll down and find it - right? I knew you would - I would too - but I already know who it is. I just drew the names - and the winner is . . . .

Judith Waliston - ticket #1365 - no blog - from North Carolina. Hopefully we'll get a photo of her with the quilt. I'd be happy to post it on my blog Judith - I know you are reading this - congratulations! I wish I had a quilt to give to each and every one of you - so many dear friends, new and old, participated in this fundraiser for Don's surgery and you'll never know how much help we received - both in the raffle and in the emails and prayers and good thoughts send our way. The blogger/blogger reading world is a great place with wonderful people.

And now the other prizes - donated by friends and family - and some new friends I'd not met before. The generosity just never stops.

The prizes are listed in the order they were donated - and the winners are

Robin Smith - WA #1395 - table runner - donated by Barb

Ann Duncan Gibbs - IL - # 639 - a Can Koozie to keep your drink cold - donated by Franni - your choice of design and color . . .

Carol Witcher - ID - # 702 - Moda Jelly Roll - donated by Debi

Mary Udman - WA - #337 - A skein of hand spun Alpaca Yarn - donated by Linda

Pat Casadei - DE - #91 - A quilt book - Quilts from the Heart II by Karin Renaud (appropriate name for this raffle) - donated by our lovely daughter-in-law, Jamie.

And from me - three angels - your choice of colors - made from vintage hankies . . .

Sue Biles - WA - #1107
Susan Jacobi Robinson - #939
Cindy Pierce - NY - #782

And the last three prizes - a mini heart, crocheted pin cushion - your choice of colors - also from me.

Pat McNally - VA - #1186
Harriet Ferguson - WA - # 1050
Alice McClelland - CA - # 478

Congrats to all the winners - if you will email me your mailing address the prizes can be on their way. All prizes except the ones I donated will be shipped by the person who donated them - so I'll send your mailing address on to them as soon as I get it so you can get your prize quickly. If you won an angel or a pin cushion please let me know your color choice.

The quilt is packaged and ready to go out as soon as I hear from the winner.

A big thank you from Don and from me and from our whole family - you can never know what this has meant to all of us.

Don is back to work full time tomorrow - he worked almost full time last week and he drove today for the first time since the surgery (well second time, but there was the setback from the ER visit and the pacemaker two weeks ago) and he is ready to go. I'm a bit more cautious - but he is sensible and I know he'll be careful. He sends his love and thanks to each and every person who bought tickets and who donated prizes! Thank you seems so inadequate at a time like this - but it is all we have to offer. Thank you - with all our love and gratitude.


Crispy said...

Congradulations all you winners!!!


Pat said...

Oh, WOW......I won that book. It's one I don't have,either, so that's great. Congrats to all the other winners, too. I'm sure I speak for everyone, though...even those who didn't win the quilt or a donated prize......that the biggest prize for ALL of us is that Don has had a successful surgery and has recovered so nicely. Give him a hug from me, okay?

ooglebloops said...

Wow!! thank you - that prize couldn't have been more perfect - I collect pin cushions and have a group of vintage crocheted heart pin cushions!!!! Purple or yellow will work for me!!! Glad the hubby is doing well and congrats to all the winners, and I hope the 1st Judy's situation improves...........

blushing rose said...

Yea! Don ... this is such good news.

Congrats! to all winners. TTFN ~Marydon