Thursday, July 23, 2009

Winners, winners - we have winners!!!

Time to draw for the embroidery patterns - I would have been here sooner but spent a lot of the afternoon driving Don around for work - he'll be driving by Sunday - hoooray!!!!!!

I got out that random number generator - it sure is fun - and here are the winners of the embroidery patterns. Are you ready?

Do you hope it is you?

Of course you do - we all do - we all want YOU to win!!

Ok - two numbers - the first one gets to pick which packet they want -

Kittens - - -

Or Birdies - - -

Both are cute -

Both are fun -

Ok - so you want the winners???

Really - are you sure?

Ok - enough yelling - here are the winners.

First one -

Lila - at Indigo Pears

And second winner -

is Susan - at SusanSews

Congratulations to both winners - I'm stuffing your packets even as you read this. Send me your mailing address and I'll get them off sometime, hopefully early next week. And Lila - you get first pick - so let me know - kitties or birdies.

And don't forget - the drawing for the quilt and many other prizes is on Sunday. There will be lots more winners - and lots more prizes - stay tuned - and thanks to all of you for visiting for this fun give-away.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Lucky Ladies!!

Pat said...

Congrats to those two winners!

Crispy said...

Congradulations Lila and Susan!!

Lisa said...

Congrats Ladies!

Bev C said...

Congratulations ladies,I hope you enjoy your prizes. Happy days.

lila said...

Wow! I couldn't beleive my eyes!!!!
I was peeking at your blog from here at work, and my heart nearly stopped! LOL!
It will have to be the birdies for me! I am an artist busily doing bird watercolors now, so I'll love the birdie embroidery designs..may share them with my granddaughter.
Off to
DEALS to see about those flour sack towels...or maybe some pillowcases