Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don's home - things are good

Well, after what seemed like a long stay in the hospital, but was only 4 days - Don is home with his new pacemaker, feeling good and planning to go back to the office today (with the doctor's permission of course).

The pacemaker was implanted on Monday around noon - they monitored it for 24 hours and he was released. He has restrictions on raising his left hand above his shoulder for a month, and no driving for at least 2 weeks - but that is all. He can do anything else he wants, or feels like doing. While in the hospital the pacemaker only paced two times - it is set for "as needed" and only paces when his heart skips a beat, which apparently is not very often. The pacemaker doesn't do anything if his heart is in good rhythm but is there for such a time as it is needed. It is comforting to know that it is there and ready. The cardiologist says that pacemakers last 15 years or more, depending on how often they pace. We are so happy that this is behind us and he can get on with his healing. We have appointments set up with the cardiologist, the lab and his PCP - which will keep us busy for a little while, but from here on out things should slow down a little and get back to normal.

We can't tell you how much we appreciate the kind thoughts, good vibes, prayers and well wishes that we have received from far and near. They have kept us going and given us strength - thanks ever so much to each one.

And now - back to our regularly scheduled life and blogging - let's get on with quilting and painting and blogging and reading and fun!!!!! Let the party begin!

Oh - one last funny thing. When Don showers for the first week he cannot get the dressing wet that is over the pacemaker site, so the cardiologist said to put Glad Press and Seal over the site - press in onto his skin and then shower. Never thought of Press and Seal as a medical supply - but there you have it - technology in the kitchen! :-)


Christine Thresh said...

I love that, "back to our regularly scheduled life..."
Please do that and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Be It Ever So Humble.. There's No Place Like Home......


Crispy said...

ROFL I just love the Press and Seal story. I bet the Glad people hadn't thought of that usage for their product.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

So glad to hear that Don is doing well. And Press and Seal is finding it's way into many different areas other then the kitchen :-)

Judy said...

I hope your days quickly become dull and boring. You have had enough excitement. Press and Seal, what amazing stuff!

Julie said...

I am so, so glad you are ready to quilt and print botanicals and play again. Never heard of Glad Press and Seal but am going to look it up. I don't need to seal a wound, but bet it would come in handy.

Have a great rest of the week!

Dena said...

What a roller coaster ride you and your family have been through the last week. I'm glad to hear Don is back at home and doing much better.