Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lone Star Number Six - Jay

Next - our youngest daughter's Purple Lone Star  Quilt was shown - - and here is her husband Jay's Green Lone Star.  Greens make such a peaceful quilt.

It all starts with that stack of fabrics - gathered together to make the strips.  .  .


Points of the star - ready to become a star.  .  .

All the points - I like the way the colors move when you look at it .  .  .  

Done - with tri-color border.  .  .

After a trip to Julie in Idaho - the center of the star .  .  .

Border quilting .  .  .

Jay with his finished quilt .  .  .

Jay and Donnie discussing quilts and other major issues .  .  .

You can click HERE to read all about the Lone Star Quilt Project.


Ann Michelle said...

Green is favorite color!! Told you. I like each one better than the last! :)

GardenofDaisies said...

I love this green one best!

Pondside said...

Absolutely stunning!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Very nicely done!
they are treasures,

Sunny said...

Beautiful greens, Jo! Beautiful work. Glad to see you are still quilting.

Lila Rostenberg said...

I'm back looking at this again! Great for St. Patrick's and our National Quilting Day this weekend!

Marie said...

And on top of everything're a quilter! :-) I just discovered your blogs! LOVE these two Lone Stars! The blue is my favorite, but they are both gorgeous! Wow! The only time I tried to make a Lone Star I had ISSUES (couldn't find directions anywhere, and tried to do it without them) I did do a little bit of a lone star design in a quilt I am quilting right now and it isn't an easy pattern to follow. I'm impressed! (Check out my quilting blog by accessing it on my sidebar)

Purple Pam said...

Another beautiful Lone Star quilt. Julie did a great job on the quilting. Congrats to you both.

Julie Fukuda said...

I am not a machine person and have made lone stars by hand, but once my youngest daughter made strip stars and I got a second quilt out of her leftovers. You are very good at making that machine behave!