Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 7 - there is hope

Hi - this is JoAnn - I finally have a few minutes to update the blog. There are computers in the waiting rooms, and Don is going for a routine xray, then respitory therapy and then probably a nap.

First - let me thank Franni for the updates - she's really been a help during this all - she lets me blab on and on and never tires.

And then let me say - if you are a fan of Splenda - you won't want to read any farther - I am not trying to change anyone's mine about it - just telling our experience - so please - no flames - I've had about all I can take and I just want to say what is in my heart.

There have been some hard times - Don was having some awful diarrhea, vomitting, weakness, chills, disorientation and sleeplessnes, and it could be traced to nothing except that it started with the first "protein shake" that they gave him - laced with sucralose (splenda). He could barely get out of bed because his muscles became so weak, he never made it to the restroom without a horrid mess in the bed - he even had troubles while walking and had to have the aids clean him up. All very embarrassing for a very private man - and at the same time scary for all of us. Last night I researched the brands he had been given, of pudding and protein drinks and found them laced (as in laced with poison) with sucralose (splenda). Just google sucralose and read the horror stories - so we are not the first. And if you go to the splenda site you find a small paragraph from splenda saying that they know there are some huge problems with splenda - but not enough people have written in to complain. Ohhhhh don't get me started!!!!!

I got up at 4:30 so I could get to the hospital by 6 a.m. when the doctors make their rounds. I told the doctor of my concern and about the diarrhea - and he said this was the first he'd heard of this - the nurses had not even mentioned the diarrhea. And on the whole they've been good nurses - I just wonder what they thought - he is an old man and this just happens??????? He is only 64 - so not that old. I told the doctor to have NO splenda items on his tray - and if there was something that looked like it was sweetened (in a bowl) and we couldn't read it, Don was not eating it.

Since Don was having so much trouble with eating - because of the nausea and vomiting from the sucralose - the doctor had said that whatever Don wanted to eat, he could. He doesn't have heart disease - his cholesterol is great and no hardening of the arteries, he just had to have the valve repaired - so diet basically isn't an issue. So last night he had a cheese burger (no bun) with salad and strawberries - just plain food. The doctor agreed that if Don is to get well he has to eat protein or his bone and incision will not heal. This morning he had a piece of sausage and half a biscuit - again -plain food.

He is doing so much better - we took a walk and he walked 2 loops around the floor with no problems. And now that his is off splenda his mind is working clearly again. When physical therapy came yesterday we could not wake him up - and when he finally woke up after about 20 minutes of really trying - he was completely confused. The PT said, "oh that is the problem, he is in the early stages of alzheimers". I was shocked - he is NOT - he was just having a reaction to the splenda. They attach three chlorine molecules to white sugar (which we never use at home anyway)tomake splenda and so your brain is being bombarded with chlorine - and we all know how bad chlorine is for humans.

And the super great news is that his heart is working perfectly - not one problem. At least that is working. They were talking yesterday of sending Don to a nursing home to recuperate and get stronger. You shouldn't have to go to a nursing home to get over being in the hospital. Today Don is feeling so much better that they say maybe stay in the hospital today and then go home tomorrow. I would really like that, and so would he, he is tired of being in the hospital - and I've certainly had more than enough. I'm thankful for what they did for his heart - make no mistake - but I'm appalled that they feed patients something that is known to mess with your nerves and brain -not to mention all the other known side effects.

So that's my story - hope your days are all sunny and bright and your stitches small and perfect. I've been working on the new Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt while sitting with Don.


Franni said...

Thanks for an update Jo, I couldnt put it into words like you had so thats kind of why my updates were put off.

Heres hoping that my favorite fm comes home tomorrow.
love you both

Pat said...

Glad to hear you figured out how to help Don improve much quicker!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Heres to a healthy recovery! Your splenda warnings dont fall on deaf ears here...bff is a nutritonist...she warned me as soon as it went on market...they alter the CHLORINE molecule to MAKE splenda!!


Diabetics can however use blue agave nectar and stevia!! :)
I live by the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing!
Hugs and prayers!

Anne-Marie said...

Wow, glad to hear he is on the mend after you've changed his diet some. I've heard similar things about Splenda and will research it more after reading your blog.

blushing rose said...

Blessings on the good news for your dh & you ... you have to protect yourself when in hospitals ... been that gamut one time too many. Hopeful quick healing ... home soon.
TTFN ~Marydon

Sunny said...

Jo, Thanks so much for being open enough to post the pitfalls of using splenda. I don't use it but my SIL does and I didn't realize it has such drastic effects! I really appreciate this.

I am so glad to hear your hubby is doing better! Maybe now soon you can get on with recovering and your lives and enjoy your days in a peaceful way.

Crispy said...

Oh Jo, I'm so happy that you knew that the Splenda was the culpret, I've never heard of those kinds of reactions. Hooray for Don coming home tomorrow. Why do Dr's think that recouping in a Nursing Home is a good about depressing. I can see it if a person has no options but Don has you to spoil him.


Teresa said...

Prayers for Don's recovery. That is just amazing the problems with Splenda. How can they keep that stuff on the market???

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Thanks for the update. Splenda is scary stuff for sure! You also need to ask at fast food restaurants what they sweeten with, because I understand they sometimes use splenda :-(

belinda said...

Oh glad to hear everything is working out. I know this has been a very stressful week for you and all concerned. The best place for Don is at home!!! What a releif that will be!
I too have done lots of research on the Splenda thingy. A couple of years back I began to just itch all over...especially on my arms and hands...I'm not allergic to anything and I couldn't figure it out...I thought..what has changed in my diet that maybe would be causing this....DIET DRINKS with Splenda....we had been to the lake and I had drank w-a-y to many...thus causing the itching reaction...that is on the list of Splenda use symptons....but, you know what...most people I share this with just look at me with a blank look...oh well,,,at least now I know!!!

goddess in the groove said...

Hi Sweetie, first off, I am sending you and Don my best strentgh Blessings!!
Splenda is a poison, I cannot believe how many people use it, thinking it is better than sugar for their kids! I remember when Splenda came out, I read an article from the Sugar coop, explaining how Splenda is made, and that it is NOT derived from sugar, as the ads seem to incline.
With that, I cannot eat anything with artifical sweetener. I can taste it a mile makes me sick immediately. So in our lives, there is only REAL SUGAR, if necessary.

Hopefully your story will hit lots of eyes, before someone else gets hurt.


Buttercup said...

Hope Don continues to feel better. Thanks so much for the Splenda warning.

Dorothy said...

Thanks for the update JoAnn. Hopefully, now that you have sorted out the Splenda "fiasco" Don will get his strength back faster and be able to come home.
My prayers are still with you both.

julieQ said...

I have the same effect with all the fake sugars. I feel so much, much better with just plain foods, no additive junk. I am glad your dear one is recovering well.

Christine Thresh said...

How great it was that you solved that mystery.
Best wishes to you both.

Julie said...

Hi, Jo,

I had not known about the horrific things that Splenda could cause, but am not surprised. I hate artificial sweeteners - any of them. I may be fat but I have my pop and whatever else with non-artificial sweeteners because ever since I had my first Tab in the 1960s I knew I was putting something bad in my body.

Prayers heading your way.

Love, Julie