Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Unbelievable color - every where you look - especially on the lawn. Our lawn is covered with maple leaves, alder, oak and anything else that can fall out of the trees. The grandsons love to scuffle along in the leaves - and bring the biggest ones indoors to Grammy. The Big Leaf Maple is just that - with leaves that are often over a foot across. Doesn't take many of those to completely cover the lawn.

A local cemetery - just awash in color!

Those bushes are actually that red color - some are even brighter.

Apples hanging out over the road.

My view from my studio window.

I hope you enjoyed our fall tour of leaves - we are certainly enjoying them!!!


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Julie said...

These are so beautiful. Wish I lived there. We had fierce (60 mph) winds on Sunday and most of the leaves fell off the trees.