Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have a new Etsy Shop - SqueeziePeas - and it is such fun. I've been making pincushions, decorations, angels and bags. I love crafting as much as I love quilting - and finding new patterns and making new crafts is so exciting. I recently found a pattern for a cloth bird that I want to make - so many ideas, so little time.

I've used some wonderful vintage embroideries and linens for pincushions. This one was a set of four that I cut up to make small pincushions. I love the bee in this one.

The hedgehog pincushion is one of the cutest I've ever made - he looks so prickly but he's very sweet and considerate - he'll take good care of your pins.

Thumb pin cushions are so handy - and really take no getting used to. I have one on most of the time now when I'm working on projects. The hardest part was photographing my own thumb.

And my little lacey crocheted heart pincushions - I am having the best time making these. They are minature - and so lovely. Just the thing for that special Victorian quilter - or as a holiday ornament - they could be either.

And my angels - or they are so precious. I make them from vintage hankies, with lace and buttons and ribbon. Some of these angels have travelled all over the country, and some even out of the country. They live in 11 states now - and four foreign countries.
They especially like to fly around to give special cheer to someone who is lonely, or sad, or just needs a little lift.

I've got a Primitive Angel coming along - as well as many other colors, my favorite being a pink angel with a vintage pink polka dot hanky for a skirt.

So stop over to my Etsy shop - the link is on the top right side of this blog - I'm sure you'll have a great time there - and don't forget to look at the Orange Jello pincushion - my own clever idea - if I do say so myself.

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Lindah said...

Hi! I'm coming via your comment on Spiral. I'm a west coaster, also.
Your angels are precious. Such a creative use of the old hankies.

bingo~bonnie said...

hey, I've got one fo those thumb pin cushions tooo... but didn't realize what it was until seeing yours :) (was given to me as a hostess gift about a year ago)

now I'll jsut have to remember where I put it and remember to try using it. ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie

(I also found you via Spiral's blog)